How to process the best finished for your cnc machining parts and precision stamping parts?

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When customizing products, customers will pursue quality and want to get the best finished products.But how to get the best finished product?It's all about choosing the right material.By narrowing down the types of processing materials most suitable for parts, this will lead to the selection of the most suitable and economical materials.Here are some things to consider when choosing materials.

What are the applications of the parts?For example, in medical equipment, automotive, aerospace, machinery, value, accessories, fasteners and other parts.

How to process the best finished product?We summarize the following points that need our attention.

1) Stress load

Some materials will deform or even break under high stress load.Stress loads must be taken into account when determining which materials to use for a part.Parts exposed to high stress need to be machined with materials that are resistant to stress loads and deformable elements.

2)Dimensional tolerance

Never underestimate the importance of dimensional tolerances.It's not just the choice of materials;It also affects parts and assembly, cutting methods, and the use of tools and machines.Dimensional tolerances affect your work and bottom line throughout the process.

3)Operating temperature

When selecting a material, the melting point of the material needs to be below the operating temperature of the process.In addition, any fluctuations in operating temperature must be taken into account.The material needs to be able to stand the test of temperature and not distort, deform or break over time.

4)Material weight

The weight of the processed material depends on how the part will be used.Although heavier materials absorb a lot of stress, they are not suitable for weight-sensitive items.Lightweight materials are durable and can absorb considerable pressure, but they cost more.

5)Overall cost and functionality

Many factors influence the decision when choosing a processed material.In order to find the most suitable material, prioritize the features that are most important to the part you have completed.Choose materials that meet strength, temperature limitations and fitting requirements.Eliminate materials that do not meet these requirements, compare the cost of materials, and choose.

6)Materials commonly used in CNC machining

CNC machining can produce almost any metal or plastic part.Applications and components requiring high strength, hardness and heat resistance are usually made of metal.Lightweight plastics are commonly used in parts that require chemical resistance and electrical insulation.Below is a quick reference chart of the properties of materials commonly used in CNC machining.

With the development of CNC machining, CNC machine parts are also expanding.The material can be used in a variety of components with markedly different USES.This presents a challenge in choosing the right material for the right part

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