How to prevent metal products from rusting

cnc machining services

cnc machining services

Metal products in hardware products, the main problem in the custody work is corrosion prevention.Metal corrosion is caused by the chemical or electrochemical action of the surrounding medium.According to different media, it is divided into atmospheric corrosion, soil corrosion, seawater corrosion, bacterial corrosion and so on.Atmospheric corrosion is the most common, because CNC parts in the process of processing, transportation and storage, all contact with the atmosphere, there are always atmospheric corrosion conditions.

Traditionally, corrosion or discoloration of metals in the atmosphere by oxygen, water and other polluting impurities is referred to as rust or rust.After the metal products rust, light affect the appearance of quality, serious will affect the use, and even cause scrap, so Worthy as a CNC machining service and CNC machining parts of the company, we will pay attention to rust, safe custody CNC parts.

  1. Select an appropriate storage place.

The storage place of metal materials, both inside and outside the warehouse, should be clean and dry operated, away from factories and workshops that produce harmful gases and dusts, and should not be mixed with acid, alkali, salt, gas, powder and other substances.When different kinds of metal equipment are stored in the same place, there should be a clear distance between them to prevent contact corrosion.General hot rolled steel can be stored in the shed or mat;All magnesium alloy, small steel, sheet, steel strip, precision equipment, metal products and non-ferrous metal materials should be stored in the warehouse, if possible, can be stored in a special warehouse.

2.Keep the warehouse dry.

CNC manufacturing companies to ensure that the relative humidity of the warehouse in the critical humidity below, the relative humidity should be generally controlled in 70% or so.Manage the temperature and humidity of the warehouse, keep track of the weather changes at any time, avoid typhoons and rainstorms, use ventilation to cool down and reduce the tide.Desiccant placed in the reservoir can also take off and reduce the tide.Keeping the warehouse dry is an important condition to prevent or reduce the corrosion of hardware products.

3.Proper stacking, mat covering and sealing.

Proper palletizing and mat is also hardware goods moistureproof, one of the links of protection against damage.Palletizing requirements to achieve reasonable, firm, quantitative, neat, save space.Seals insulate the metal from the outside air and reduce the effect of moisture on corrosion.The sealed metal material must not have been damp before sealing, and the quality is in good condition.

  1. Oil injection for rust prevention.

In the humid and hot areas of south China, the metal apparatus stored in the open air can not achieve the expected antirust purpose only by using the cover and can be sprayed with oil at the same time. However, this method cannot be used if the steel reinforcement and cold milk and cold-drawn steel are not suitable for oil injection.

  1. 5.Protection layer and packaging of protective equipment.

    In order to prevent the rust of metal products, factory are generally made anti-rust treatment, such as chemical treatment to form a protective film, coating antirust agent or antirust packaging.In handling, loading and unloading, storage and other operations should be prevented from damaging the rustproof outer layer and packaging, without causing damage, damage, compression deformation.If the package is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced. If it is wet, it should be dried. If the anti-rust oil is dirty or dry, it should be removed and repainted.

    6.Keep the warehouse and equipment clean.

    In order to prevent metal products from rusting, daily attention to the warehouse environment, regular cleaning equipment and warehouse sanitation, should not be too wet.

    7.Strengthen inspection system and deal with problems in time.

    Hardware goods in custody during the period, to implement the inspection system, daily, regular and irregular inspection, in order to find problems in a timely manner, timely treatment.All sorts of rustproof measure of hardware commodity can have abatement effect only, because this keeps due certain period, should carry out the principle of first in, first out, rotate to deliver goods.

    Refer to the above precautions against rust, properly keep metal products, do not cause unnecessary losses.


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