Measurement While Drilling Parts

Worthy Hardware offers a thorough catalog of measurement while drilling (MWD) components and parts necessary to keep all of your directional drilling equipment up and running. If you're looking for any precision components used in your MWD applications including copper poppets, Muleshoe inserts, sign shaft sleeves, poppet tip, or MWD parts reach out to us today to see how we can partner with you to produce the components required for your application.

Measurement While Drilling (MWD) tools are used to measure anything detected by the tool sensor, such as temperature, inclination, azimuth, and vibration of the tool while drilling, and transmit all of this data to the ground. The main components that accomplish these tasks are power supplies, controllers, sensors, and transmitters.

As drilling becomes increasingly complex and the number of horizontal and directional drilling continues to increase, the well log also needs to be adapted and improved. MeasurementWhile Drilling (or MWD) is a type of log that integrates measurement tools into the drillstring and provides real-time information to help guide the drilling rig. 

Once the hole angle exceeds 60 degrees, the logging tool can no longer be pushed into the hole to retrieve information, invalidating the conventional logging tool. MWD was originally designed in the 1980s to overcome the challenges of logging drilling wells at extreme angles. It is a type of record-while-drilling (LWD) in which the tool is contained in a single module in the drillstring steering tool. Timing device (or downhole assembly). 

Because such a precise well is drilled, MWD can provide drilling engineers with real-time information so they can make important decisions while drilling. Geographical direction is a relatively new concept for positioning based on the geological characteristics of the reservoir obtained by MWD. Now, there are even videos to help complete this process.