Worthy Hardware has more than 35 CNC machining machines, this allow us to make Flashlight part. The parts of the flashlight are very basic. If you have other CNC Flashlight parts, welcome to send them to us for a try. We could produce free samples for your testing.

The tube that holds the different parts of the flashlight, such as the battery and the bulb, is called the housing. Thin springs or metal strips, usually copper or brass, run the length of the lantern. This is the contact method. It establishes an electrical connection between the various parts, completes the circuit, and operates the flashlight. The switch is a component that controls electricity. Pressing the switch activates the current, which turns on the flashlight. Power is interrupted when the switch is pushed to the off position, which turns off the light. Around the lamp, there is a part called the reflector, which is usually made of aluminized plastic. This will redirect the light from the lamp to produce a focused beam.