Why are machining parts manufacturers reluctant to machine stainless steel 316 material?

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Stainless steel 316 is a versatile alloy that many parts manufacturers are reluctant to a machine. However, there are several reasons why this metal should be considered for various manufacturing applications.

This blog post will explore the benefits of using stainless steel 316 m and discuss why more manufacturers should consider using it in their operations. Stay tuned!

Characteristics of stainless steel 316 material

SS 316 is a versatile and highly corrosion-resistant alloy with many manufacturing, assembly, and CNC milling applications. Its CNC milling properties make it ideal for use in the production of parts and components with complex geometries.

It is an alloy of metals like iron, chromium, and nickel. It is also known as "inox steel" or "rustless steel." The main attribute of this steel is its corrosion resistance.

This makes it ideal for many industrial and commercial applications like precision machined parts and medical device.

Application of stainless steel 316 material

Stainless steel 316 is a highly corrosion-resistant material used in various applications, including standard processes like precision CNC turning, machined components, cutting tool, gear hobbing, and other machinery.


It is mostly used in cookware because of its superior quality. It behaves well in cleaning and polishing. The SS316 has to go through a series of equipment or axis CNC to make precise cookware.


It is known for its high levels of corrosion-resistant. This makes it an ideal material for use in applications where tolerances are essential, such as in boatbuilding processes.


The Medical industry is one of the many industries that rely on SS 316 for its products. This particular grade of this steel is often used in medical devices and equipment production due to its high tolerance level.

This means that SS 316 can be produced with very tight tolerances, essential for many medical applications.

Machine tools

It is used to manufacture tool-bits used in threading, drilling, grinding, and automotive parts. Engineers have also developed alloys to meet high volume production and standards in threading, drilling, and grinding methods.


Engineers have developed successful methods to use SS316 in high-volume production for automotive parts. CNC Machining process on the multi-axis machines is a development in high volume production.

It is passed through different processes and equipment or axis CNC machines to form parts used in automobile assembly.


Electrical boxes are another application of SS316. Owing to its anti-corrosive and malleability, it is used to make electrical boxes.

Why are machining part manufacturers reluctant to machine SS316?

There are a few reasons why engineering and CNC machining services industries might be reluctant to use SS316 for parts manufacturing.

First, the exact specifications for SS316 can be challenging to meet, especially when it comes to tolerances.

Second, precision machining services are often required to produce metal parts that meet the necessary standards, which can add to the cost of production.

Finally, SS316 is often used in applications where corrosion resistance is critical, and machined parts may not meet the required level of protection.

Difficulty in the welding process

Moreover, welding is a challenge when it comes to SS316.

The high hardness of SS316 is easy to wear off CNC machining tools

SS316 is more complex than other types of steel, which means it can wear down CNC machining tools more quickly.

Additionally, SS316 is more likely to gall, which is when two surfaces stick together and cause damage to the CNC machining tools.

Difficulty removing chips

One of the critical reasons why industries are reluctant to machine SS316 is the difficulty of removing chips.

This grade is highly resistant to chip formation, meaning that manufacturers have to use extra care and precision when removing chips.

This often leads to increased production costs and longer lead times.

High cutting force and temperature

Cutting SS316 produces large amounts of heat and creates significant cutting forces. This can lead to warping and distortion of the part, making it difficult to produce accurate and precise results.

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Manufacturers providing precision CNC machining services are reluctant to work on the SS316 project. This steel grade is often lauded for its superior strength and resistance to extreme temperatures, making it ideal for high-pressure or high-heat applications.

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