What Types of CNC Machined Components are Most Suitable for Machining?

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What Types of CNC Machined Components are Most Suitable for Machining? 

You can find cnc machined components everywhere. The process of machining has been used to make all kinds of parts, from tiny metal screws to parts of airplane engines. But what is machining, and what is a part that has been machined?

When we talk about "machined parts," we don't just mean things that were made with machines. We are talking about parts that were made with machines like mills, lathes, and routers.

All of these machines work in different ways, but their main goal is the same: they cut pieces out of a block of material called a "workpiece" with a sharp tool.

Let's explore how parts are designed in different quantities. 

Multi-variety small batch components

In small batch production, your product is made in specific groups and in smaller amounts than in traditional batch processing. This is done during the manufacturing phase. In the process of making something, each step starts and ends before moving on to the next one.

Similar parts are made so that you can change the next batch easily if you need to. This is more flexible than traditional large-batch production methods. It is also more efficient than a continuous manufacturing process, in which many different steps happen at the same time.

For example, let's say you're attempting to make a dollhouse for kids with many different parts. After you upload the specifications, the factory makes 10,000 dollhouses with furniture and sends them to you. When you get the product, you find that it is too small and could cause a child to choke. Now you have 10,000 dollhouses you can't play with them.

Instead, a small batch model makes it easier to find mistakes and make changes with each version of your product.

Large quantity parts

Large CNC machines are used to work on large metal parts. Gantry mills, horizontal boring mills, and other large envelope machines are very expensive and hard to find. Most of the time, there are two problems with machining large parts.

Parts that are too heavy: Most CNC machines have a limit on how much weight they can handle.

Parts that are too big to fit within the travel dimensions of the CNC machine: For a tool to be able to reach all of the dimensions of a large part, it needs to have a more extensive work area and a more extended reach.

There are, luckily, many ways around these problems that can help ease the pain. Worthy Hardware excels in producing large quantity parts as it possesses large CNC Machines to handle your project. 

The most cost-effective way to make a big, heavy part is to plan for weight problems when designing the part and break it up into smaller pieces that don't weigh more than the machine can handle.

But this takes more time, and some parts of the subassembly may still be too heavy for workers to move safely. If they need to, product teams should use outrigger stands to support heavier parts so that the weight is spread out evenly and the machine doesn't have to work as hard.

When it comes time to make the part, operators can take into account the travel dimensions of a CNC machine in a number of ways, such as:

  • By tilting the part, its features will line up with the machine's path, and it will fit better in the space available.
  • Using a sliding fixture to drill holes in long, rectangular pieces
  • Using a 4th axis fixture that slides to drill holes in big tubing
  • Spinning large round parts so that every detail fits within the work envelope
  • Slide and spin the part to make the X and Y axes longer.

High Precision requirements parts 

In the manufacturing industry, "high precision machined parts" usually mean parts with tolerances in the single-digit micron range, while "ultra-precision" means tolerances in the sub-micron range.

Machining parts with very tight tolerances is always a challenge, but the complexity of the work also depends on the materials used and the number of features on the part.

In industries like aerospace, dentistry, fluid mechanisms, medicine, sports, and technology, ultra-precise parts are needed. But as medical parts get smaller and more complicated, we are seeing a more significant shift toward more precision and ultra-precision work.

Precision components are exact machinery parts manufactured based on customers' custom specifications, used for industrial and machine-based companies in different applications, like CNC turning.

The precision components are generally produced with a diversity of materials, including metals such as stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, steel, titanium, specialized alloys, etc., to ensure stability and functions of engineering.

Each CNC machining shop can make parts with a high level of accuracy. But if you want to make these very complicated and precise parts quickly, you need a high-tech tool partner like Worthy Hardware.

Also, a skilled mechanic can make a high-precision part, but we've found that precision needs to be part of the whole manufacturing process, from the first meeting with the customer to the last quality check before the product goes on sale.

Small surface roughness parts

Surface roughness measures how smooth a surface's profile is compared to other surfaces. It is based on the tiny changes in a surface's actual shape. The surface is rougher when it looks different from how it should and smoother when it looks more like how it should.

In CNC machining, the roughness of the surface affects how the part will interact with its surroundings. The "as machined" finish of a typical CNC-machined part is smooth to the touch (Ra3.2), but you can see the lines where the cutting tool was used. Most parts work well with this level of roughness, but there are times when a smoother surface is needed.

When designing parts that slide against each other, a smoother finish can be helpful because it will reduce friction and improve wear performance.

To get a smoother finish, you may need an extra, slower step of machining or a finishing step after the primary process, such as polishing. As roughness goes down, manufacturing costs go up, so there can be a trade-off between cost and surface roughness for some parts because small parts' surface roughness demands great care.

Complex parts

Mechanical designers always think about how complicated a part is, and high-performance components that are designed well will take into account how long it will take to make them. Precision engineering can reduce the risk that often comes from mistakes made by people. Small mistakes like 

  • measuring,
  • doing the work,
  • making the product

Mechanical designers always think about how complicated a part is, and high-performance components that are designed well will take into account how long it will take to make them. Precision engineering can reduce the risk that often comes from mistakes made by people. Small mistakes like 

can ruin your whole project or product. With this in mind, it is essential to work with designers, engineers, and manufacturers who have a lot of experience.

Sometimes, though, complex CNC machining is needed, which may take longer because of the need for high levels of accuracy and finish. As a general rule, complex parts and shapes will need to be machined with a five-axis CNC machine.

By adding three more axes, A, B, and C, more precise and complicated parts can be machined without having to reorient the part inside the machine manually. Five-axis CNC milling can be done with a "single setup," which saves a lot of time.

High price parts but with a small quantity 

When it comes to CNC machined parts, it can be hard to find the right manufacturing company to work with it. This is especially true if you want high-quality parts at a price you can afford.

Whether you want to make a lot of CNC parts or just one prototype that is good enough for mass production, you need an experienced full-service CNC machining company that offers 3D design and assembly to finish your projects quickly along with the tightest tolerances. Worthy Hardware does a great job in this area; that sounds good news.

Custom tools may be needed for a unique feature or to cut down on time it takes for a machine to do its job. The Combination of tools that can cut more than one feature at once saves time and money, but they also cost more upfront.

Adding hydraulics and poka-yoke helps lower the costs of high-volume machining by shortening the time it takes to load and unload, making the process more repeatable, and stopping scrap.

Fixtures that are better make the piece cheaper, but they cost more upfront. So, if you want a high price part in a small quantity, we will assist you in getting your project's goal done. We will design your high price part in small quantities if you want us to do it. Approach us today! 


There are different kinds of CNC machines that save time and money when doing machining. But having access to different CNC machines isn't enough to make sure a project will be successful. It could be perfect if you had a good partner for machining.

At Worthy Hardware, we know that the key to giving our customers the quality and performance they expect is to find the right fit for the job. That could mean setting up labor cells to run multiple machines and making sure that the suitable CNC machine and machinist are used for the job.

If you want to save money on different as well as custom CNC machined parts and find ways to use them to your advantage, Worthy Hardware can help you save time and money on your machined parts. Please find out more about what we can do from top to bottom!

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