What milling cutter is used for CNC machining of aluminum alloy?

cnc machining service

cnc machining service


With the continuous improvement of processing technology, CNC machining has undergone many changes. Experts pointed out: In the future, CNC will become the mainstream processing mode. In the CNC machining process, the choice of milling cutter is particularly important. The milling cutter used for processing aluminum alloy is a tool used for mechanical manufacturing and processing, and is also called an aluminum alloy tool.

Broad cutting tools include cutting tools and grinding tools. Most tools are machine-made, but they can also be used by hand. Since tools used in machine manufacturing are basically used to cut metal materials, the term "tool" is generally understood to mean metal cutting tools. When choosing a tool angle, you must consider the influence of various factors, such as workpiece material, tool material, processing performance (rough machining, finishing), etc., which must be selected reasonably according to the specific situation. Generally speaking, the tool angle refers to the marking angle of manufacture and measurement. In actual work, due to the different installation positions of the tool and the change of the cutting motion direction, the actual working angle and the marking angle are different, but the difference is usually very different. The materials used to make tools must have high high temperature hardness and wear resistance, necessary bending strength, animation and chemical inertness, good workability (cutting, forging and heat treatment, etc.) and not easy to deform.


Generally, when the material hardness is high, the wear resistance is also high; when the bending strength is high, the impact toughness is also high. However, the higher the material hardness, the lower the bending strength and impact toughness. Due to its high flexural strength, impact toughness and good workability, high-speed steel is still the most widely used tool material, followed by aluminum alloy.

Problems and solutions encountered when processing aluminum. When processing pure aluminum, it is easy to stick the knife and analyze and solve it. The aluminum material is soft and easy to stick at high temperature; aluminum is not resistant to high temperature and easy to open; about machining cutting fluid: good oil lubrication performance; good water-soluble cooling performance; high dry cutting cost. When processing pure aluminum, aluminum alloy processing end mills should be used: forward angle, sharp edge, large groove, helix angle of 45 degrees or 55 degrees; the material of the workpiece and the CNC tool has a great affinity. The rough surface of the rough surface tool is a soft material. Low speed, can avoid cutting fluid, high speed, oil mist is used for lubrication, the effect can be improved.


In the future, the development direction of CNC milling cutters is due to high temperature, high pressure, high speed, parts working in corrosive fluid media, more and more materials are used, and the higher the degree of automation and machining accuracy of cutting, the higher the requirements. Deposit a higher hardness coating on the high toughness and high strength substrate to better solve the contradiction between the hardness and strength of the tool material; further develop the structure of the indexable tool; improve the manufacturing accuracy of the tool and reduce the quality of the product Difference and optimize the use of tools. Providing precision aluminum CNC machining guarantee for customized aluminum parts Precision processed aluminum parts are becoming the choice of many industries. Aluminum has become one of the popular materials due to its excellent mechanical properties. These include affordability, flexibility, durability and corrosion resistance. Nowadays, precision machined aluminum parts are becoming more and more popular in aerospace, military, medical and industrial engineering. Special technology and CNC machines are used for aluminum CNC machining because it requires precision.


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