What is the difference between 4-axis machining and 5-axis machining?

cnc machining service

cnc machining service

Advantages of CNC machining

Compared with traditional manual machining, CNC machining is much faster. As long as the computer code is correct and conforms to the design, the finished product has a high dimensional accuracy and small errors.

CNC manufacturing is an ideal rapid prototyping manufacturing method. It can also be used to manufacture end-use products and components, but it is usually only cost-effective in short-term production runs in low volumes.

Multi-axis CNC machining

CNC milling involves removing material using rotating tools. Either the workpiece remains stationary and the tool moves onto the workpiece, or the workpiece enters the machine tool at a predetermined angle. The more moving axes of a machine, the more complicated the forming process and the faster the speed.


In four-axis CNC milling, the fourth axis is added to the movement of the cutting tool, allowing rotation around the x-axis. There are now four axes-x-axis, y-axis, z-axis and a-axis (rotation around the x-axis). Most four-axis CNC machine tools also allow the workpiece to rotate, which is the so-called b-axis, so that the machine can act as both a milling machine and a lathe.

Features of four-axis simultaneous machining:

1. Definition of four axes: There are at least 4 coordinates on a machine tool, which are 3 linear coordinates and 1 rotation coordinate respectively.

2. Features of four-axis machining:

(1) The three-axis machine tool cannot be processed or needs to be clamped too long

(2) Improve the accuracy, quality and effectiveness of free space surfaces

Four-axis advantages:

(1) The tool has been greatly improved

(2) The machining process shortens the clamping time

(3) No fixture required

(4) Improve surface quality

(5) Extend tool life

(6) Centralization of production


(7) Effectively improve processing efficiency and production efficiency

Five-axis machining: Above the four-axis is another axis of rotation, usually 360° on a vertical surface. The five-axis can already be fully processed and can be clamped at one time, which can reduce clamping costs and product scratches. It is suitable for processing some holes and planes of multiple stations, as well as parts that require high machining accuracy, especially parts that require strict mold machining accuracy. During the movement along the entire path, the tool direction can be optimized, and the tool can move linearly at the same time. In this way, the best cutting condition can be maintained on the entire path.



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