What is 5 axis CNC Machining and the advantage of 5 axis CNC Machining?

cnc parts

cnc parts

When it comes to CNC aluminum services, 5 axis CNC machining must come to your mind. Choosing the right machining solutions will lead to the success of productions.

CNC machining is a procedure used in most manufacturing operations and is widely used in most industries. CNC, which stands for Computer Numeric Control and deals with the use of a single-setup or more computer to administer actions of different machine tools like lathe, router, and mill.5 axis CNC machining is an absolutely great approach that can be used to produce parts and end products from a wide range of materials like plastics and metals inaccuracy.

However, when sometimes mentioned about the specific 5-Axis CNC machining, the first impression comes up to most people’s mind is: high technology, expensive price, and difficult to operate, but is the 5-axis machining really like this?

What is 5 Axis CNC Machining?

5-axis cnc machining refers to a machines ability to move a tool or a part in five different axes simultaneously. Basic machining operates on three primary axes, X,Y and Z; however, a 5-axis CNC machining tool can rotate two additional axes, A and B, which give the cutting tool a multidirectional approach.

What are the benefits using 5 axis CNC Machining?

5-axis cnc machining helps in the cost effective manufacturing of sophisticated design. The advantages of switching to 5-axis machining include:

Minimized Setup

A 5-axis machine allows you to work on every surface, apart from the clamping area and the bottom. When working on contoured parts or parts that require machining on several faces, you need several setups of the 3-axis machine to achieve the complex geometry through manual rotating; 5-axis technology completes the job in a single set up, reducing the number of setups and helping you save time.  

Complex Designs

The additional movement available with 5-axis machining allows you to achieve complex shapes and designs. With the 5-axis machine, you have access to machining angles and arcs that were previously achievable only through multiple setups and a myriad of special fixtures. Ultimately, 5-axis machining eliminates the need to create complex fixtures as you can hold the part once and rotate in a single process to achieve the desired geometry.

Rotational Accuracy

Every time you remove a part from a machine, you lose the precise alignment that allows you to achieve superior quality. Unlike 3-axis machining, 5-axis machining improves accuracy by allowing you to complete a task in a single set up, and create multiple and complex shapes without losing the precision required to maintain quality.

Faster Material Removal

In 5-axis machining, the cutting tool remains tangential to the cutting surface, allowing for low cycle times, which helps save costs as you remove more material each time the tool passes.

Better Surface Finishes

The fourth and fifth axes help you orient and bring the part closer to the cutting tool, allowing you to use a shorter cutting tool, which is less susceptible to vibration at extremely high cutting speeds, helping you achieve a better surface finish. It also saves you time; when using a 3 axis machine, you must make use of very small cuts to achieve a good surface finish, which leads to longer lead times

Worthy Hardware offers advanced 5 axis CNC machining services that significantly increase the range of possibilities for creating parts in various shapes and sizes.


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