Walnut Wood: Know its Properties and Applications in CNC Wood Milling Service.


Walnut wood is a deciduous tree, popular for its edible seeds, and belongs to the family Juglandaceae. These vigorous trees are large, ranging from 25-35m. Their canopy spreads widely. The color of their bark is silver-gray. It uses in the manufacturing of useful products through CNC machining. In this article, we will discuss the properties and applications of walnut in CNC wood milling services.

Walnut Wood Properties

The following are the main properties of walnuts.

1-Place of Origin

The origin of walnut wood has various hypotheses. The main origin of walnut wood is the Asian areas. It spreads to Europe from the Asian areas. After that, it was taken to Spain, Germany, and Rhine by the legions.
Later, the tree was introduced to England and France. The Spanish navigators took it to America, and then California accepted it. Recently, it was introduced to the “S” hemisphere. Now the main area of the cultivation of walnuts is South Europe. Here, its quality is far better compared to other cultivation regions worldwide.

2-Timber Properties

Walnut wood has a darker color that usually ranges from pale brown to dark brown. The wood is usually dense, hard, and tightly grained. Its hardwood color ranges from dark chocolate, while sapwood ranges from creamy white.
Timber density is usually 630 kg m-3, while the moisture content is 51.32%.
Moreover, the value of the bending modulus is 6325.44MPa, and the modulus of rupture is 69.73MPa. The toughness value of timber is usually 3.94kg m.

3- Texture Properties

The walnut wood has a medium texture and is known for its hardness and higher strength, which increases its durability.
Due to the less hardness, you can bend it easily. It is resistant to decay, which means that it is long-lasting and not damaged by various environmental factors, variations, and insects.
One reason for its popularity is its unique grain qualities. It possesses irregular and straight grain.
Moreover, it shows less splinting, shrinkage, warping, shock, and wear and tear resistance. It can be easily polished and stained.

How does CNC Wood Milling Walnut Wood?

Walnut is a brown hardwood used in CNC milling because of its greater strength and durability. The walnut wood can be drilled and cut by using a CNC milling machine. These machines are found in 3-6 axis configurations. Most commonly, 3-axis CNC milling machines are used. It would help if you used fast running and sharp cutters for proper milling.
But before starting the milling process, you must use a mask with a filter because the dust produced can irritate. During milling, the walnut wood is put inside the milling machine, and it is cut and drilled according to the instructions of the computer to produce a desirable product.

Cons of Using Walnut Wood in CNC Wood Milling Service

It is one of woodworkers’ most recommended wood for CNC wood milling services. Following are the main benefits of using walnut for CNC milling.

  1. Easy Availability
    It is easily available in the market. So, you can make various useful products through CNC milling.
  2. Workability
    The walnut wood is easier to machine than other woods. You can easily handle and machine it to produce a desirable design.
  3. Shock-Resistant
    The walnut wood can efficiently bear the shocks without damage because of its shock-resistant property.
  4. Heat-Resistant
    The walnut wood can tolerate the heat. Thus it doesn’t burn during milling operations.

Applications of Walnut Wood in CNC Wood Milling Services

Walnut wood offers the following applications in CNC wood milling.

  • Walnut wood in CNC milling is a strong, stable hardwood widely used for making exterior and interior furniture.
  • It is widely used for high-quality flooring. Its deep grain pattern and medium density lessen the chances of scratches during milling.
  • It is used for manufacturing gun stocks because of its great finishing and shock-resistant properties.
  • It is ideal for making cabinet doors, door frames, shelves, and other wooden products.
  • It is also used to make decorative products such as artwork and sculptures carved through CNC wood milling.

How to Choose Walnut Wood Material?

If you are a businessman or woodworker looking for a walnut wood material for your project, you must observe the following factors before choosing it.

A complete idea about walnut species and grade: You must have complete information about the species and grade of walnut wood. Only then can you choose walnut wood for your project wisely.

Heartwood and sapwood: If you choose walnut wood for making furniture, you must select walnut wood with higher heartwood and with no or less sapwood. It adds beauty to your furniture.

Unsteamed or steamed: As a woodworker, you must also confirm whether your walnut wood is steamed or unsteamed. Always choose unsteamed walnut wood to make your wooden products look attractive.
Besides these, you must also check the following things.

  • Whether or not it is natural or real.
  • What type of maintenance and finish is needed?
  • Is it sustainably or locally harvested?


Walnut is a brown wood widely used in CNC wood milling because of its excellent timber and texture properties, easy availability, and machinability. It is used to make various wooden products such as furniture, cabinets, etc., by using CNC milling machines worldwide. But, to get an attractive product with a desirable design, you must choose the walnut wood material and manufacturing company carefully.
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