The Ultimate Guide To A CNC Milling Service

milling machining

milling machining

CNC or computer numerical control machining is a subtractive manufacturing process. CNC machining has enabled industries to achieve complex machined parts with utmost accuracy. These machines provide a custom manufacturing facility. The CNC machining companies use wide ranges of complex computer-controlled machinery that performs different functions.

Today we will be discussing CNC milling machines. Milling machines are perfect for manufacturing small precise machine parts. It has many applications in the electronic industry and has brought revolutionary changes in the manufacturing process. In this article, we will be your ultimate guide to CNC milling services.

What is CNC Milling?

CNC milling is the process of manufacturing milled parts. A milling machine is a computer numerical control machine that allows industries to manufacture complex metal and plastic parts. Milling machines can efficiently machine on flat and irregular surfaces. The automobile industry uses this machine for the production of gears. Like any other CNC machine, it operates on a cad file and specific instructions.

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How does CNC milling work?

The working of a CNC milling machine is somewhat similar to that of a CNC lathe machine. However, the lathe machines use static cutting tools while the workpiece rotates. CNC milling machines hold the workpiece in place while the cutting tool rotates and removes the excessive raw material. The tools used for milling are usually sharp and cylindrical. Milling machines work efficiently on irregular surfaces.

The tolerances for CNC machining are essential when choosing the best machine for your prototype production. CNC milling machines give tight tolerances of ± 0.005 inches. The process of milling is very straightforward.

Milling machines work on coded instructions from a cam and cad file. The process begins with the development of a 3d cad file. The design is then converted into a cam file and then into CNC g-codes readable for the machine. These instructions direct every motion of the process. Because it is a subtractive manufacturing technique, it uses a cutting tool for precisely removing the excess material from the workpiece. However, the cutting process depends on the type of milling machine is being used. Different milling machines use different angles and axes to machine a custom part. Before diving into mass production, a prototype model is made to ensure quality for high-volume production.

Types of machines in CNC Milling Service

As discussed above, CNC milling is a custom CNC machining technique used to produce custom CNC parts on a stationary workpiece. Here are the types of milling machines based on the working and orientation of the spindle.

Horizontal milling machine:

Horizontal milling machines use a horizontal cutting spindle that rotates around the static workpiece and removes the material from the surface. CNC milled parts designed with horizontal milling machines are more precise than vertical milling machines.

Vertical milling machine:

A vertical milling machine holds the spindle vertically, which rotates the tool in a vertical orientation against the surface of the workpiece. It uses long and sharp cutting tools as compared to that horizontal. Vertical milling is the most used method for manufacturing parts with a milling machine.

The vertical smotion helps the spindle move up and down the workpiece and removes the excess material to give the part its required shape. Vertical milling machines are also diversified into two types:

Bed type milling machines:

A bed-type milling machine can move the workpiece table perpendicular to the axis. This extra rotation gives the spindle more freedom of movement to manufacture an intricate design with utmost precision.:

Turret milling machine:

Turret milling machines can also rotate the workpiece perpendicular to the axis. It can also move the spindle parallel to the axis. It is more used than bed-type machines

3 axis milling machine:

3 axis CNC machines approach the workpiece in 3 linear axes (x y and z). 3 axis CNC machine gives high performance for parts with moderate geometry. It also comes with a rotating table for complex geometries, best for the aeronautics industry. 4 and 5 axis CNC services are more suitable for complex designs.

5 axis milling machine:

5 axis machining is used for the most complex and intricate production parts. 5 axis machines approach the workpiece in 3 linear (x y and z) and 2 rotational axes (a and b). It is used for complex manufacturing where the part needs machining on various sides. With these milling machines, we can reduce the time for manual repositioning the workpiece.

Plain milling machine:

A plain milling machine can move in longitudinal, cross, and vertical angles. The axis of the spindle is usually parallel to the machined surface.

Duplex milling machine:

This type of milling machine has both vertical and horizontal milling machines. The spindle head can move up and down and across the work table.

Benefits of CNC Milling

There are so many CNC machines, and the main advantages of all these machines are pretty much the same as they all work on the same principle.

Here are the top advantages of CNC machining with milling machines.

Multipoint cutting tool:

Milling machines use multipoint cutting tools in the machining processes. These tools appear like sharp teeth edges because they are a series of single-point tools that helps in removing the layer of raw material by producing grooves and slots

Reduced lead time:

One of the biggest setbacks in manual machining was that the operators had to change the cutting tool to achieve complex geometries. The whole process took extra time and delivered poor efficiency. This resulted in low volume production for the industries.

With the new and automated functions of CNC milling machines, operators can now automate the production of a whole batch with the help of coded instructions. We can easily achieve higher accuracy in reduced lead times and high-volume productions.

High precision:

The main reason behind the success and popularity of CNC machining depends upon the top-notch precision it provides in every detail of the machined part. The cutting tools can approach the workpiece from 5 different axes. It can remove the material precisely from where required. Finishes with the recommended techniques also help increase the functionality and overall aesthetics of the machined parts.

Reduced labor cost:

Previously companies had to appoint a lot of labor to operate the manual machines. However, now with the availability of advanced computer-operated machines, companies only hire a few skilled operators to run the programs of the machines.

No human error:

The fact that CNC machines are computer-controlled completely eradicates any possible human error. In industries like aerospace, where a minor error leads to the loss of thousands of dollars, CNC machining centers are the only way to produce precise, complex parts with the same quality over and over again.

The applications for CNC milling

Here are some great applications of CNC milling machines for different industries.

Automotive industry:

We have seen this industry going from manual cars to electronic cars, and CNC machining technology has a big role in this advancement. Most of the parts used in the industry are manufactured through CNC milling machines. It is also widely used in the production of spare engine parts.

Electronic appliances:

CNC milling machines have hugely contributed to various electronic household appliances. The latest gadgets that we thought were impossible to create are now efficiently created using CNC mills. The tech part of smartphones, tablets, mainframes, and TV components are manufactured on milling machines.

Military industry:

CNC milling machining services are widely used by industries to produce precision parts for the military forces. They produce body protection gadgets, aiming devices, firearms, and more.

Medical industry:

High precision tools like surgical scissors, forceps cutters holders, and clamps result from the advancement in CNC machining services. CNC milling machines are also used for making dental implants, cavity molds, prosthetics, etc.

Agriculture industry:

Previously, the farmers had to plant and harvest crops manually, which always resulted in low volume production of the crops. However, this industry is also moving towards automation with the latest equipment. In the last two decades, we have successfully built machineries like tractors, harvesters, headers, and hoppers that have extended the work of farmers by harvesting and cultivating the crops and soil. This was possible with milling machines

The future for CNC milling

Industries are moving towards automation. The price for 5 axis CNC milling machines has decreased over the years. This decrease has created a chance for new businesses to afford this technology because 5 axis machines can perform various operations in one single setup.

These machines have already brought so much innovation in the health, aerospace, automobile, and electronic industry. The automation process of these machines has enabled us to achieve consistently high-quality standards. We hope to see more development in precision CNC machining as it is one of the most growing industries globally.

To sum up, the future of CNC milling or just CNC machining, in general, is moving towards a more efficient way to synchronize the operations of different CNC machines and tools to reach higher accuracies in shorter lead times and fewer setups.


CNC milling service is a highly effective manufacturing process that turns 3d designs into precise plastic and metal parts. It is widely used in rapid prototyping services because it is a one-stop manufacturing process with a shorter lead time. In the coming years, the CNC machining industry will move towards more automation and build better machining centers to achieve more complex shapes cost-effectively and feasibly

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