How to process large cnc machining and Sheet metal fabrication materials?

cnc machining services

cnc machining services

China's CNC parts processing has broken through the key core technology, the formation of a number of iconic products.In hardware parts processing, CNC machining tool milling material is a challenging task, so CNC manufacturing companies in the processing of parts, there is no way to better deal with this problem?

The answer is yes, and here are five tips to master the art of using large materials.

1.Use the right tool

When working with larger materials, it is helpful to use higher-end cutters, especially if they are particularly dense or hardened.Better cutting allows for greater precision, more control over your feed speed, and the ability to handle larger parts without worrying about burning out the cutter or having to slow it down too much.A better tool is not the same as having a larger CNC machine, but for the larger materials of a smaller CNC machine, this can be of great help.

2.Understand the power curve of the machine

The spindle of the machine has only so much force, and it is important to keep the movement of the parts to be processed within the power curve to avoid sticking points.For larger materials in less powerful or smaller CNC machine tools, the importance of maintaining spindle power is critical to efficiently machining the parts and avoiding errors that may occur during the process of shaping or completing the relevant instructions.

3.Maintain access and records

If you mentally manipulate to determine where the segment will go and its path, the size of the segment does not matter.Usually, larger parts can be assembled by smaller machines in the same way that long rods can be assembled into bags, simply by rearranging the path the pieces will travel, including the opening of Windows on the machine or even the complete removal of the casing.As long as the part is capable of completing the milling of a given part, you can rearrange along another unusual pointcut, as long as you can find an effective path between the material and the cutter.

4.Remember all three dimensions

Especially in the inexperienced CNC operator, often forget the Z axis.In order to ensure effective cleaning, the machining machine needs to be rearranged so that the Z axis is in a different place and can start operating in a different place.In some cases, significant adjustment of the slice Angle is effective.In addition, additional angles for multiple incisions can be an effective way to accommodate the greater height of the piece.

5.Tools should have the conditions

In machining, in addition to choosing the right tool, it must have ultra-fine grain CNC machining tool matrix, sharp machining angle, strong machining edge, heat resistant surface coating.Based on the application experience of large processing materials in the past, the reasonable selection of processing methods and parameters is very important for the processing of this kind of large processing materials, the use of special processing techniques to improve the processing efficiency, but also to a certain extent to extend the life of CNC machining tools is very effective.

Although processing large materials is difficult, but after a long time of operation, also can minimize the risks of this challenge, when processing, pay attention to some methods, can make process more smoothly, and use the right tools, spindle power curve, and to keep the access strategy CNC machine tools in a large number of materials as you meet the challenge of the solution, work out a more precision CNC machine parts.


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