Methods to Read Engineering Drawings for CNC Turning Machine Parts

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Engineering drawings are important in the manufacturing industry, although it is not essential to request a quote. It helps decrease costs and improve communication between workers, machinists, and designers of the machining process.
Engineering drawings provide basic information about an object. It provides technical information and design ideas to the manufacturers during the process of machining parts. It shows a 2D image of a 3D object on a computer. Engineering designs are also used for CNC turning machine parts, and it helps professionals to create accurate parts.
After drawing, the precise reading of the engineering drawings is compulsory. Incorrect reading of engineering drawings may only lead to inaccurate part designing. So, it would help if you had good experience reading engineering drawings to design accurate machining parts.

Methods of reading engineering designs for CNC turning Machining Parts

Following are some effective methods that you can use for reading engineering designs for CNC turning machining parts.

First, look at the title bar to get an overview of the part

To completely understand the engineering drawing, first, read the title bar. The title bar is at the bottom right corner of the drawing paper. Here, you can get a complete overview of the machining part. The title bar provides the following information.

  • Name of part
  • Material
  • Surface finish
  • Proportion

The part name tells you the type of parts you will machine. The second part provides information about the material used in part, such as plastic, metal, etc. You also get to know the type of surface finishing that has to be used for the parts to improve their texture and remove the part's flaws. Information about the proportion of the part is also present in the title bar. So check all this information carefully before starting any machining process for CNC-turned parts.

Analyze the View. Imagine the Structure

After reading the title bar, you must analyze the view of the engineering drawing. It primarily contains different types of lines and views. Commonly three types of lines are used in engineering drawing.

  • Visible lines
  • Hidden lines
  • Phantom lines

Each line is drawn for a different purpose. Similarly, you have to analyze the views. The following are the main views that are used in engineering drawing.

  • Orthographic view
  • Section view
  • Detail view
  • Isometric view
  • Flat pattern view
  • Cutout view
  • Auxiliary view

You must analyze all these components and the full view of the engineering drawing. After analyzing, you must imagine the structure formed by these components. It will provide an idea about the part's structure.

Analyze all Sizes and Their Requirements

After analyzing the complete view and imagining the structure, analyze all the sizes in the engineering drawing. It means you must take and analyze the components' measurements in the engineering drawing. You must carefully check and analyze all the sizes and requirements. It will give an idea about the size of the CNC machining part. Analyzing the sizes will tell you whether the machining part will be small or large and what things are required to machine it.

If sizes are not analyzed or checked correctly, it may result in incorrect part size. A part with the wrong size cannot correctly perform its relevant function. Thus, the part is manufactured again. So, all the sizes are analyzed properly for the manufacturing of machining parts with exact sizes.

Analyze the Production Method and its Tolerance

The method used to produce a machine part should select carefully. If you choose the wrong method to produce the machining part, you will surely not get your desired part. It doesn't mean that it results in the production of another functional part. It simply damages the machining material.
So, you must carefully analyze which production method will use to produce the desired CNC machining parts. For this purpose, you must also have complete information about the different production methods.
Tolerance is also an essential factor. It would help if you analyzed the tolerance to reduce the chances of errors in producing the part. It results in products with excellent tight tolerance and high-quality turned parts.


Engineering drawings help significantly produce a CNC machined part with good performance. But, it requires proper reading of the engineering designs. Different methods are used to read them accurately. It includes analyzing the title bar, imagining the part structure after the whole view, analyzing all the sizes and the measurements of components, and analyzing the various methods of parts production and tolerances.

Analyzing them provides a complete idea of the producing machine part and produces a part with exact components, size, and functions. Not adopting these helpful methods will only lead to unfunctional parts. Thus, the engineering drawings remove any confusion during the production process and promptly produce CNC turning machine parts at no additional cost.


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