Beech: Know its Properties and Applications in CNC Wood Milling Service


Beech is a hard, weighty, and verdant wood. It utilizes in mining to make rails before cast iron is presented. In the era of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, it was used in cabinet making to produce furniture, floors, windows, and even bowls.

Breech Properties

Beech has numerous properties as it is low in price, and its wood type is a hardwood utilized in furniture and cabinet-making applications. It also uses numerous other applications, such as veneers, handrail parts, and laminated flooring. However, beech isn’t suitable for open-air and outside use.

1-Place of Origin

Beech is a variety of deciduous trees in the family Fagaceae, local to Europe, Asia, and North America. Its botanical name is Fagus Grandifolia.

2-Timber Properties

Beech is commonly pale cream; sometimes, it gives some shades of pink or brown color.
Beech wood is used in interior designs because of its eye-catching colors. It is appropriate for food holders as it gives no taste or scent.
Beechwood dries faster than other woods. After drying, beech wood becomes harder enough to load impact. Beechwood quality depends on shrinkage, checking, and staining.

3- Texture Properties

Beech has a fine texture. Beech timber properties are more important for their uses in furniture making or decorative purposes. It is a smooth and fine grain with uniform textures.
Beech is not difficult to cut, paste, and turn. Beech is not durable; however, it can be chemically treated to make it durable. Beech is not directly used outdoors because beech woods are affected by moisture or insects, so that we can treat them chemically for external use. Beechwood dries quickly with a solid inclination to twist, split, and surface test. It works effectively with hand and power instruments and has great nailing and sticking properties.

How does CNC Wood Milling Breech?

Beech is a popular hardwood used in CNC wood milling because of its excellent physical and mechanical properties. CNC milling of beech is done through 2D and 3D milling techniques, and for this purpose, the machine and tools used are High-“Z” routers and a wood milling cutter. ConstruCAM 3D is the software used during beech milling.
During milling, the beech is accurately processed by the High-Z router. A high counter force is applied to the machine by the beech resistance. Thus, the machine works stably in all axes. The speed and the precision of the milling process increase due to ball screws of High-Z. Moreover, it also does not cause wear out because of the effect of force.

Cons of Using Breech in CNC Wood Milling Service

Beechwood is used for CNC wood milling services due to its fair cost and good machinability. Wood belongs one of the oldest materials used for various applications. Using beech wood in CNC milling applications has the main advantage of less greenhouse gas emissions than other products.
It is renewable, environmentally friendly, and has property advantages. The surface roughness of beech wood can increase using sanding or other operations. After increasing the surface condition, the painting quality and bonding strength of beech wood are greatly increased. Although beech wood is used for various CNC milling applications, it has one drawback- the absorption of moisture and desorption. It can be decreased using proper operations and post-production methodologies.

Applications of Breech in CNC Wood Milling Services

Some main applications of Beechwood in CNC milling wood are as under:

  • It uses solid and laminated flooring, brushbacks, and straw chairs.
  • Beech is suitable for manufacturing pianos, toys, and household equipment.
  • Beechwood has good bending capacity and strength, which make it more suitable for sofas, armchairs, shelves, and chair manufacturing.
  • It uses plywood, panels, tables, musical instruments, and tool making.
  • Interior furnishing, model building, stairs, and parquet flooring also manufacture with beech wood.

How to Choose the Breech Material?

It is not easy to choose the material that is easy for the machine for CNC milling and provides optimal results. So often, machinists face confusion when choosing beech for the CNC milling process. It proves helpful if you consider some factors while choosing beech material, such as:

  1. You need to optimize the cutting process to get high efficiency and set program parameters in CNC woodworking. Due to its softness, you may need a higher feed rate for beech wood than metals.
  2. It is good to take care when choosing wood for outdoors and bathrooms, as beech is more prone to humidity and cannot be proven a good selection for outdoor uses. You need some other specific treatments if you use beech for outdoor applications.
  3. If you need wood for decoration and aesthetic purposes, beech wood can be a good choice. It has high decorative properties.
  4. You can use solid beech to manufacture beds, office chairs, benches, wardrobes, and dining tables. The solid beach is highly reliable, durable, and shows high wear resistance.


In short, beech wood is low in price, odorless, easily workable, and attractive in colors, so it has a lot of advantages for different purposes due to its unique properties. Beechwood is also best for hardwood flooring, gadgets, and 2D or 3D carving.
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