Aspects to be considered when anodizing and dyeing.

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For CNC machine shops, aluminum is the most popular material used in CNC manufacturing. Anodized finishes have made aluminum one of the most respected and widely used materials today in the production of thousands of consumer, commercial and industrial products. However, sometimes the surface of machine part may be damaged during the anodizing process, hence, the process to avoid such damage is essential for the anodizing process.

1. Pay attention to the follow issues during the dyeing process.

i. Strengthen the cleaning jobs before the dyeing process.
The machined parts must be fully cleaned after getting out from the anodizing tank, especially the slots and blind holes. Otherwise, the residual acid and alkali will flow out slowly during the dying process which will cause the color of the acid and alkali surface to differ compared to the clean surface.

ii. Dyed immediately after anodizing.
The machined parts must be dyed immediately after the anodizing process. If the parts are exposed to the air for a long time, the anodizing film will become small which will cause the difficulty in the dyeing process.  

iii. Don’t overlap the parts during the dyeing process.

iv. Strengthen the cleaning jobs after dyeing

2. The surface looks marble shaped pattern due to the parts are not fully alkali washed during the pretreatment stage. The original anodizing film could not be removed clearly and it is difficult to have the artificial anodizing film which leads to the bad dyeing. The process of pretreatment is very important in order to have a qualified anodizing film.

3. The temperature of the solution is too low when dyeing, to make sure and obtain a uniform color, it is better to expand the dyeing time.


4. The oil stain on the surface of the dyeing solution will cause the non-uniformity on the parts’ color. Generally, workers will swash the parts after they’ve put in the solution and this step will cause the oil stain to drop out from the surface.

5. Some part of the surface leave without dyeing.

i. There are some oil stain or alkaline substance on the anodizing film. In order to avoid the anodizing film gets damaged during the dyeing process, the parts are necessary to prevent in contact with the oil stain or alkaline substance after anodizing and before the dyeing process.

ii. The clamping tool is not in the right position. This mistake will causes too much of the anodizing film. In order to avoid such problem, we not only have to fix the clamping tool into the right position, but the workers should also shake the parts during the anodizing and dyeing processes.

There are many factors that could cause the parts damaged during the anodizing process. For the precision of getting a CNC machine parts with anodizing surface, it is most important to choose the qualified anodizing vendors. In WORTHY Hardware, our cooperated anodizing vendors have already passed the ISO quality system certification to make sure all of the anodizing CNC machine parts will be 100% inspected and packed in a very safe condition.