Does Sandblasting Affect the Size of the CNC Parts?


There are several industry service techniques through which CNC machine surfaces are processed. Some conventional methods include flame cleaning, wire brushing, and chipping,

One of the techniques we consider to be the most effective is sandblasting. The high-speed spray from the machine on CNC can alter the appearance, shape, and size of the outer surface of a CNC part in the CNC machining process.

Definition of Sandblasting

Sandblasting is one of the service techniques by which metal surfaces are prepared for further finishing before turning in as products or parts of a machine’s system. These include CNC part machining as well. It is vital to note that, as we put it, for easy understanding.

Here is more in-depth information on what sandblasting is, several advantages, disadvantages, and its effect on the size of parts in CNC machining.

Sandblasting is a quick service process that runs very much relative to its name. It involves running solid particles along a metal’s surface utilizing compressed air to run the particles at a very high speed number for smoothening and cleaning the surface of a CNC material.

The particles used for this clean CNC parts production process are usually quartz sand, emery and steel shot. As a result, sandblasting can be considered an efficient surface treatment procedure, especially with CNC metal machining.

Depending on the angle and the surface area to be treated or processed, sandblasting can also be used to remove dirt and old paint and smoothen a rough type of metal surface of CNC parts, giving you a quick, high-quality product result.

How CNC Milling Machines Work?

The workpiece you want to machine is clamped on top of the machine table in the case of a CNC milling machine or CNC machining center. It might be fastened directly to the table or placed using a vice or fastening.

The spindle (moving part) with the cutting tool is then positioned either vertically or horizontally. The tool may move to different X-Y-Z axis on the workpiece in such a setup and begin cutting and shaping operations.

To get started, secure the workpiece to the CNC milling machine’s worktable and install the cutting tools on the spindle before starting the CNC program. When the machine is ready, the operator begins running the program and the CNC machining milling operation with the machine.

CNC milling machines will rotate the milling cutters with up to thousands of RPM, depending on the type of milling machine and milling parts application, to execute different operations: slowly feed the workpiece into the stationary rotating tool, move the tool across the stationary workpiece, or move both the tool and the workpiece with each other.

A milling cutter on a CNC milling machine may travel along several axes and spin in different directions, realizing many complicated operations to create varied milled components according to the CAD design. Note that complex and sophisticated parts may require multiple machine setups may be required.


Timely and efficient in Sandblasting CNC Parts

The fast speed and spray beam, coupled with its selective abrasive capacity, makes it an efficient cleaning and smoothening technique for harsh surfaces, including metal.

Sandblasting guarantees a faster turnaround time for products, even when dealing with complex materials with rough surfaces. You get full delivery with desired results fast!

Even Abrasion

Compared to many other surfaces smoothening and clearing techniques, sandblasting offers a cleaner product and more even surface results in much less time.

Since the granular sandblast comes in a spray beam, it is easier to smoothly cover a metal surface as easy as holding a paint spray gun over wood.

The abrasive material is also readily available in most parts of the world and on shipping in other places when you order it.

Easy on the corners

Still milking out its sand spray beam capabilities on any tough type, like concrete and metal, sandblasting gives more accessible and better control in much less time when smoothening and clearing surfaces.

It works perfectly well, even around odd shapes, sizes, and geometrical forms that would have been a fit for other techniques.

Works on harsh, rigid surfaces

Sandblasting is not just an efficient method with a fast turnaround time for smoothening and clearing surfaces; it is also potent. While it can aid paint and dirt removal, it can also smoothen concrete and metal easily. It meets most of the requirements.


Not practical for smooth-faced CNC products

Materials generally have a smooth, transparent surface is a terrible matchup for sandblasting techniques as they will leave a dent or scratch around the characters. It might work great for metal but not as much for glass.

Air pollution

Sandblasting uses sand spray beams for its operations which means lots of air particles.

It also means that the sand fired and blasted at high speed bounces off against surfaces alongside particles from the smoothened surface and pollutes the air. This could pose air-related severe health risks if precautions are not taken.

Rebound Abrasives

During the sandblasting service, particles of the abrasive that bounce off the smoothened material can bounce right back and cause harm.

It could get in the eyes and affect one’s ability to see. High precaution is recommended to stop rebound from hitting manufacturers since it is more economically used for large company projects.

Equipment used in Sandblasting

While several tools go into the sandblasting CNC service process, some essential equipment is required for every sandblasting procedure. We can group this necessary equipment into three;

  • Protective gear
  • Abrasive
  • Blast cabinet
  • Blast Equipment

Protective gear

Precautions to take during sandblasting process includes wearing protective equipment known as a blast hood. This headgear protects your head and face as it can stop the rebounds of abrasive while still providing a transparent window for a clear view while working.


These are the primary equipment of the sandblasting process. Without abrasives, there will be no sandblasting as the abrasives are the blasted material.

Different abrasives are available for different sandblasting for other services, each with their details and effect on the production and finishing service.

Less challenging surfaces do not require metallic abrasives compared to other harsher characters. The selection of suitable abrasives makes for the perfect sandblasting process.

Blast Cabinet

Your blast cabinet is the section where your chosen abrasives are recollected to be reused again. It is an enclosed loop system that allows you to recycle abrasives selected without downsides to its performance.

Blast Equipment

This high-pressure vessel system holds the abrasive and forces it out in a spray beam at a breakneck speed. This diesel-run air compressor is responsible for the blast.

Applications for Sandblasting in CNC Parts

CNC Aluminum Parts with Sandblasting

Before anodizing aluminium surfaces, sandblasting can be utilized to prepare the surface for the procedure during manufacturing. It can also be done before anodizing as it is effective in old paint with rough particles like rust.

CNC Stainless Steel Parts with Sandblasting

Sandblasting is one of the finishing techniques for processing industrial stainless steel CNC parts alongside glass beams and electroplating. It is a more aggressive form of glass beaming for CNC parts.

CNC Brass Parts with Sandblasting

Rather than glass which utilizes tiny glass beads, sandblasting uses a high-pressure sand stream to remove any sign of dirt or unwanted top layers from CNC portions. It is also an effective technique in die-casting CNC brass parts of machines.


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