Do you want to know more about the traditional solar terms of May?

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It's almost the middle of may now, and the temperature is rising day by day. May includes summer begins and grain buds. Blink of an eye, has passed the beginning of summer solar terms. On the fifth of May is summer begins, it indicates the change of seasons, according to the ancient lunar calendar to divide the four seasons of the beginning of summer day, and on the May 20th , is grain buds.

Each solar term represents a different climate. The following are the characteristics of the two solar terms:

Summer begins : people used to start of summer as a summer, but in fact, the start of summer across the Jiangnan to delay more than 20 days, to the end of may or early June to start of summer. As the saying goes: "more inserted summer seedlings, millet pile full warehouse", all places to grasp transplanting, and do a good time management."The beginning of summer to see the summer harvest", the beginning of summer season of spring flowers crops into the yellow stage, after the beginning of summer in Zhejiang officially into the rainy season, is the beginning of the meiyu season season, to prepare for flood prevention.


Grain buds: refers to the Yellow River valley wheat crop seeds began full not yet mature meaning, but Zhejiang at this time the spring flower crops have been mature, the rural sector a busy harvest scene.Since May, Zhejiang has entered the flood season, as the saying goes: "Grain buds, River full" is in line with the reality of Zhejiang. Zhejiang province during the period of the average temperature can reach 22 ~ 23 ℃, is the beginning of summer.

The change of solar terms in May represents the arrival of summer, which is the most suitable time to nourish the "heart". Summer is the most vigorous season of human metabolism and vital energy and blood.Chinese medicine thinks, summer sun be the spirit is the most exuberant, and "heart" is the main sun be the spirit viscera.The sun be the spirit of the heart can promote blood circulation, maintain the life activity of the person, so summer heart activity is most active.The sun be the spirit of the heart is superfluous, the heart fire is too prosperous, not only easy to be irritable and irritable, still can reduce human body immunity, cause all sorts of diseases thereby.Like arrhythmia, elevated blood pressure.How to raise "heart"?The key is to protect the heart, should not be tired, not emotional.Keep the heart quiet, should avoid overheating and too cold at the same time, such as noon to walk under the hot sun is easy to increase the burden of the heart and blood vessels;To beat the heat greedy cool, hot and cold environment frequent alternation also easy to make the heart uncomfortable.

Yesterday, our company also held a month will share, the purpose of this meeting is: let all departments share in May this half a month of time, the target completion, and in the process, what problems, how to correct it, to do better, the pay is the harvest, as our new colleague Farah says that since her during this time, doing the same things every day, such as release fans, although look is released safely marketing activities, but also can actually from marketing copy to continuous innovation, to attract customers interested in our products.This is progress, although it is small progress, but a thousand miles of road, step by step to come out, without small steps of accumulation, it is impossible to walk a thousand miles of road.One step at a time, not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of twists and turns, persevering to do, in order to finally achieve the goal.Although the road is far away, but roll up the sleeves to work, will be able to achieve something, this is also the spirit of worthy!

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