Do you know the advantages of CNC plastic machining?

cnc machining service

cnc machining service

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I、What are the advantages of CNC plastics machining  ?

1.Quick turnaround time 

Unlike infusion molding, it does not require weeks of tooling, and CNC machining as it were requires the CAD records of the CNC machine. Subsequently, this will reduce the generation time to some days. 

2. Simple to create tall quality parts 

Due to the accessible materials and generation forms, CNC machining can deliver plastic parts that are more grounded than 3D printing forms. In expansion, accuracy parts up to 0.001" mm can be effectively created. 

3. Low cost 

Since the material is much gentler than metal materials, it can be effectively cut in an productive way with a shorter fabricating time. In this manner, it diminishes the taken a toll.


II、With respect to CNC plastic machining, we as of  give the taking after materials for CNC machining:


High-density polyethylene




PMMA (Acrylic)


PTFE (Teflon)


Ultra high molecular weight




III、Method of producing CNC plastic machining :

1. 3D printing 

3D printing, which incorporates a number of distinctive technologies-Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Stereolithography (SLA), and Particular Laser Sintering (SLS)-all of which include including plastic materials to layers to construct plastic parts . Both 3D printing and CNC machining forms depend on 3D advanced models to form parts. However, compared with CNC machining, there's less material squander in 3D printing. In expansion, 3D printing kills the require for device generation and permits the creation of complex geometries. The innovation is congruous with thermoplastics such as ABS, nylon, PLA and ULTEM.


2.Injection molding


 Injection molding is another perfect strategy for fast generation of plastic model parts. The method begins with the creation of an aluminum or steel form with a runner system-a channel that permits liquid plastic to stream into the shape depth. When the liquid plastic fabric is infused into the mold, cooled and cemented, the specified plastic model shape is formed. The utilize of infusion molding guarantees that the model barely needs any extra work or surface treatment after generation. Plastic injection  molding also provides upgraded quality since fillers can be utilized within the injection  form. more importantly This strategy of plastic prototyping is cost-effective and can be utilized to create complex plans.


What is the distinction between plastic stamping and plastic machining? 


Plastic stamping alludes to the utilize of passes on and high-speed punches to cut crude materials into parts.plastic machining alludes to the utilize of drills to cut crude materials on CNC machine tools.They are two distinctive fabricating processes. Plastic stamping is reasonable for high-volume straightforward parts, whereas plastic CNC machining is reasonable for complex parts with lower outpu.t


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