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Last time we analyzed the factors affect your cnc machining parts, let’s continue discuss it here.

Prices for the machine parts will be vary because of different locations, time, suppliers, buyers and quantity. But normally the cost is calculated based on the production time, please find below as a reference (please note the data is only for your reference)

  1. Prices are charged by production time:

Z25 drilling machines and CA6410 cnc machines are charged 3$ per hour. CNC vertical milling machines and EDM are charged about $5 per hour.

  1. Prices are charged by the quantity and the precision of the working pieces
  • Drill holes (the material is not very tough)
  Depth Diameter Ratio A             (Hole depth/Hole diameter) Hole Diameter(mm) Production Cost
 ≤2.5 <25 Drill point diameter * 0.05
25-60 Drill point diameter * 0.12
>2.5  material cost * A *0.4
  • Precision shaft made by CNC manufacturing
Length Ratio (A) Production Cost
≤10 semi-finished product’ size*0.2
>10 shaft price *A *0.15;the precision is within 0.05mm or with taper, shaft price*2
  • CNC milling parts
Factor Production Cost
Length ration is <10 Key groove’s width *0.5.
Length ratio is >10 Length ratio*basic price*0.1
Hardness > HRC40 Basic price*2
Spline shaft Shaft diameter*0.8
Gear Module*teeth number*0.5
Hole Hole diameter*0.25

Because of the flexibility in the machining process, there are many kinds of production method to make working pieces, and so the production cost is different. The precise production cost calculation depends on your ability to read the drawings and production process of the parts.
The purchasing department of mechanical components should have rich experience and knowledge in the mechanical fabrication.