CNC Turning Milling Compound VS CNC Machining Center Difference

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Are you in the market for a unique CNC machine? If so, you may wonder what the difference is between a CNC turning milling compound and a CNC machining center. This blog post, we will crack down the features of each type of machine so that you will make an informed decision when purchasing your next CNC machine. Stay tuned!

CNC Turning Milling Compound Definition And Advantage

CNC turning to mill is a machining process that combines the capabilities of a CNC lathe and milling machine to create more complex parts in a single setup. This process is typically used on smaller pieces, such as those used in the medical and aerospace industries.
When using a CNC turning milling compound, the setup time reduces because both operations can be performed on the same machine. In addition, this process is more efficient because both procedures can be performed in a single pass.

  • One of the benefits of CNC turning milling is that it reduces the amount of time needed to produce a part. This process can also help to improve the accuracy of the finished product.
  • Another advantage of CNC turning to mill is that it offers more flexibility than other machining processes. It is because the process can be easily programmed to create parts with various shapes and sizes. On the other hand, CNC machining centers are typically used to create pieces that have a more standard form.

When selecting a CNC turning milling machine, it is essential to consider the size and complexity of the parts produced.
For more significant or more complex parts, a multi-axis machine may be required. In general, however, a three- or four-axis device will be sufficient for most applications.

CNC Machining Center Definition And Advantage

A CNC machining center is a computer-controlled machine tool for precise machining tasks. It uses to create parts that have a more standard shape.
For example, a CNC machining center could be used to create parts for the automotive industry. Besides the automotive industry, CNC machining centers use in other sectors like aerospace, medical, and energy.

  • The benefits of utilizing a CNC machine is that this offers high levels of accuracy and repeatability, which means that correct parts can produce consistently. The accuracy of a CNC machine is typically within 0.001 inches.
  • CNC machines are also faster than manual machines, which mean that parts can produce in a shorter time frame.
  • CNC machines are programmable. You can create a program to instruct the machine to produce parts according to your specific requirements.
  • CNC machines can perform complex tasks like contouring and multi-axis machining, which would be impossible to achieve manually. As a result, CNC machining centers are essential for producing precision parts.

CNC machining centers can classify according to their number of axes. The most common types are three-axis and five-axis machining centers . The CNC machine you need will determine the complexity of the parts you wish to produce.

Difference Between Them!

In the world of machining, there're many different types of machine centers. Two more popular ones are the CNC turning milling compound and the CNC machine center. So, what is the dissimilarity between these two types of machines?

1. Different Processing Procedures

CNC turning milling compound is mainly used for processing complex shapes, and the surface roughness of the processed parts is more elevated than that of a CNC machine center.
CNC machine center is used primarily for processing planes, grooves, threads, and forming surfaces and the surface roughness of the processed parts is higher than that of a CNC turning milling compound.

2. Different Functions

The CNC turning milling compound can be used for drilling, reaming, tapping, boring and countersinking operations.
The CNC machine center can be used for milling, drilling, reaming, boring, tapping, and countersinking operations.

3. Different Nature

The CNC turning milling compound is mainly composed of a lathe bed, the main spindle box, a cross slide table, a tool post, a tailstock, and the like. The CNC machine center is mainly composed of a milling head, a worktable, a column, and the like.

4. Different Structures

The CNC turning milling compound is mainly divided into a horizontal type and a vertical type.
The CNC machine center divides into a Knee type, Bridge type, Gantry type, and the like.

So, which machine is suitable for your application? It depends on what you will be using it for. If you need a machine that can perform both operations, then the CNC turning and milling compound machine is the way to go. If you only need a machine for one specific process, then a CNC machine center might be a better option.


Both machines can be used for either prototyping or manufacturing products, but the type of product that can manufacture using each device is different.
We hope that it has helped to clear up any confusion that you may have had about the difference between CNC turnings and milling compound and CNC machine centers.

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