CNC Service: Everything You Need To Know

cnc machining

cnc machining

CNC machined parts are everywhere. Whether it is the healthcare industry, automobile, or aerospace - all are dependent upon CNC service providers for manufacturing the intricate parts. CNC machining is more reliable than 3d printing because of the less time-consuming and standard-quality products.

CNC machining has brought innovation in various sectors. It has become a lot easier for operators to automate the production of complex designs through computer numerically controlled systems. And because it is a computer-controlled technology, there is hardly any chance of error. Once the prototype is approved, machinists move towards mass production and manufacture parts of the same quality for an entire batch.

In this article, we take you through everything you need to know when starting your own CNC service business!

What is a CNC service?

CNC machining service is a highly profitable business where you manufacture complex parts on order. The whole process is completed on different types of CNC machines. The reason why industries depend upon CNC service providers is the increased production speed and the unmatched accuracy.

CNC (computer numerical control) machining is a subtractive manufacturing process. CNC machines can efficiently manufacture digital 3d designs into metal or plastic parts. That is why they have a high demand for machining aircraft and automobile parts.

Worthy hardware is a primary CNC service provider based in China. We produce custom CNC parts on order with utmost accuracy and precision. Our skilled operators excel in all types of custom CNC machining techniques. We provide a lead time of one day on rapid prototyping and low-volume production parts.

Standard machines used for CNC service

More often than not, customers do not specify which type of CNC machining service they require. So, it is up to you to decide which CNC machine will best suit the customer's needs.

These machines have the primary function of removing the excess material from the stock, giving it the desired shape and size. For this purpose, we need different types of machines. Here are the 3 most used machines in this business:

CNC machining center:

CNC machining centers are a one-stop manufacturing facility with a wide range of tools. They are used for achieving more complex geometries, such as parts that need more than one tool to build. In CNC machining centers, the workpiece remains static while the tool rotates on different axes. You can easily program the machines to switch the tool as needed. Machining centers are the most advanced type of CNC technology as they have various cutting options all in one. It reduces the tool replacement time and increases efficiency.

To manufacture prismatic parts, we need different operations such as drilling, milling and tapping, etc. Previously, such parts took a longer lead time to manufacture because the operation was divided into various working stages. With these machines, we can perform various operations in a single setup. It has an operation called ATC (automatic tool changer) that changes the tool as per need. The main goal of these machines is to reduce the lead time. It uses different cutting techniques like water jet and laser cutting etc.

CNC milling machine:

CNC milling machine has a cutting device that rotates around different axes. These machines create holes and details into the material to manufacture a part. These parts are usually for the electronic or aerospace industry. There are different types of milling machines that can work on various axes, such as 3 axis, 4 and 5 axis milling machines.

Lathe machine:

A CNC lathe machine cuts the workpiece and can produce several different structures. It uses a rotating spindle as the cutting tool craves the contoured surface on the workpiece. The movement of the cutting tool is precisely controlled by the coded instruction of the CAD file. With a lathe CNC machine, we can easily manufacture materials like aluminum, steel, brass, etc. With a lathe machine, we can produce significant parts like surgical instruments very efficiently and with high accuracy. The rotating action of the workpiece is known as turning, so another type of lathe machine is CNC turning machine.

In this manufacturing technique, the cutting tool remains in one position while the material moves around it at high speed. Turned parts are smaller in size and more efficient than milled parts.

Advantages of CNC machining

People invest in a CNC machine lies in the advantages they get from them. Every industry needs complex small and large machined parts. And these parts can only be achieved with CNC machining

Here are some of the top advantages that you get from CNC machining.


CNC machining is not confined to one type of machine. There is a wide range of machines that can perform various functions such as lathes, drilling, tapping, milling, and turning

High Precision:

As computer codes and software control the process, the machine delivers high accuracy with precision in every detail of the part.

Production cost:

The precise turning of the workpiece saves a lot of production cost and produces little to no waste

Quality mass production:

For manufacturing a part, a CAD file and CAM file are made once, and the operator can easily automate the machine for mass production with the same quality throughout the batch

Labor cost:

Another advantage of CNC machining is that it cuts labor costs. Manual machining requires more experienced and skilled labor, while with CNC, you can hire less staff with the required set of skills

Materials used in CNC service

The primary CNC machining materials are metals and plastics. When providing CNC machining service, choosing the suitable material for the proper production part is necessary. At Worthy Hardware, we produce high-precision machine parts for prototyping and production with high quality

Worthy Hardware has a wide range of materials to choose from. Our clients have the option to select their desired raw material. Our skilled workers leave no stone unturned in manufacturing your products as per your preference.



Aluminum is an inexpensive metal when it comes to CNC machining. It is used mainly in the automobile and aerospace industry. It offers excellent machinability and has high strength and wear resistance

Stainless steel:

Stainless steel has excellent applications in household appliances and utensils. It shows high corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is also widely used to make dental implants and gears of aircraft.


Brass is not a pure metal. It is an alloy made of copper and zinc. Because of this, it is a slightly expensive raw material. Brass is used in the machining of medial and automotive parts


Copper is also quite expensive material and brings up the cost of machining. It is known for its high electrical conductance property. Because of this highlighted property, it is used mainly to produce electrical appliances.


The main application of steel in the production of alloys for industries. It is cheaper than stainless steel, so it is considered a more cost-effective option. But at the same time, it does not show high corrosion resistance



Commercially known as Delrin, POM is one of the most used plastic materials in CNC machining. Specifically used in the production of seat belt parts and water meters. It has high wear and tear tendency with a suitable heat resistance property as well.


PC or polycarbonate is a lightweight plastic used as a raw material in CNC machining. It is used mainly for the production of surgical medical devices, circuit breakers, and CDs. It is a rigid transparent material, but it is not very efficient against exposure to heat.


PVC or polyvinyl chloride is an engineering plastic mainly used to produce pipes and fittings. It has high resistance to ultraviolet rays. It is a rigid, complex, and flexible plastic used where stability is required. PVC has many applications in the electrical and medical industries


It is a transparent high-strength plastic that can bond quickly with adhesives. Because it is more resistant to glass, it is used in high-temperature applications. The main advantage of using an acrylic plastic material is that it will not lose its color on exposure to sunlight. It is widely used for manufacturing stuff in the automobile industry.

Surface finish for CNC Service

With 3 and 5 axis CNC machining techniques, the cutting tool has more freedom of movement. Hence, it approaches the workpiece from various angles, thus giving you high-quality parts at a reasonable price. A precise surface finish is very crucial for the aesthetic appearance of the production parts.

As one of the leading machine shops in China, Worthy Hardware manufactures custom CNC parts with a distinct surface finish. We use various methods to achieve the precise, smooth texture visually appealing for our clients. Here are some effective techniques for attaining the perfect finish for your custom CNC machined parts.


Anodizing is the best surface finish technique in CNC machining services. It produces products that have higher corrosion resistance and surface durability. It is an electrochemical process that uses aluminum and titanium alloys to thicken the surface of the machined part. The finished products have more durable and electrically resistant surfaces. Anodizing surface finish is further divided into type ii and type iii. The main difference between both types is the final texture and the size of the coating.

Powder coating:

With powder coating, you can reach a thickness of up to 75 μm. In this surface finishing technique, we use an electrostatic gun to paint CNC parts with powder coating. The part is then heated in an oven at up to 200°C. If more coats are required, a multilayer coat is applied. This type of finish is best suitable for military appliances and is not recommended for internal surfaces. The final product has improved wear resistance with a uniform and smooth texture.


This type of surface finish coats the surface of stainless steel parts and makes them passive to the environment. The treatment enables us to achieve a thin protective layer on the surface. In this coating process, the part is submerged in a nitric or citric acid solution. This helps in removing the iron on free form from the surface. It does not change the overall appearance of the part. Our primary goal in this coating technique is to remove the free iron molecules from the part's surface to increase the corrosion resistance. It also helps to prevent rusting on the surface.


Here we use additives such as pigments or paint to coat on the external surface of the part. With the help of this technique, we can produce metal and plastic parts with different colors. It is a cost-effective way of increasing the efficiency and durability of a part. It is somewhat similar to powder coating, where we use a high-pressure spray gun to coat the entire part. It is also beneficial in hiding defects due to injection molding.

Injection molding is a manufacturing technique in which molded products are formed by heating plastic materials and injecting them into a mold. The mold is then cooled down and removed in solid-state. Injection molding is best for making complex shapes


Plating is another advanced precision machining technique that helps machine shops to achieve tight tolerances for parts. This process is based on the electrolysis principle. We use electrolysis for plating an alloy or metal on the surface of another metal. Plating is essential to protect the manufactured part from oxidation. Among the wide range of plating techniques, nickel plating is the most used because it is cost-effective and provides the primary function of improving wear and corrosion resistance

Tolerance for CNC Service

The tolerance of a machine is the dimensional accuracy where we set an upper and lower dimensional limit. The smaller the difference between these two limits, the tighter will be the tolerance. Determining the tolerance of a machine is very crucial before the product development process.

Tolerances for CNC machining varies from machine to machine. Tight tolerances of ±0.001 inches or less are more challenging to achieve. Yet, with the computer-controlled system, we can easily achieve our desired high or low tolerances depending upon the preference of the customer. The standard tolerance for a CNC machine is ±0.005 inches. The tightest tolerance that a CNC machine can hold is ±0.001 inches. The standard tolerances for different CNC machines are:

Machines: Tolerances:

  1. CNC lathe machines ± 0.002 and 0.005 inches
  2. 3 and 5 axis milling ± 0.005 inches
  3. Turning machines ± 0.030 to 0.005 inches
  4. drilling machines ± 0.003 to 0.010 inches

Tips to improve your CNC service business

As a new machine shop owner, the options to expand your business are confined. But, with some guidance, you can quickly skyrocket your CNC service business! Here are some tips to help you scale your CNC machining business in 2022.

Build partnerships:

Invest your time in building substantial and long-term relations with your customer. Strong partnerships with other CNC service providers can also help you in the long term. As a new business, you might not have various machining centers. Outsourcing such orders will help you deliver the standard quality to your consumer and build a partnership with other CNC service providers

Invest in new technology:

CNC machining is rapidly advancing. The industry is moving towards other automation tools to reach more high-quality standards. So keep your machine shop updated with the latest trends and technology.

Digital marketing:

Marketing is the key to growing any business. For machine shops, you must adequately use your CNC service website. By running ad campaigns and creating high-quality landing pages, you can increase brand awareness for your service and attract potential clients to check out your services.

Focus on product quality:

The growth of your business always comes down to the quality of your products. Custom CNC machining is best to produce efficient and precise products with the utmost accuracy. So, always pay heed to your customer's specifications and consistently deliver the standard quality product

Increase the efficiency of your machine:

Your CNC service business depends upon the efficiency of your CNC machine. You can achieve this by installing high-pressure cooling systems and frequently monitoring the performance of the cutting tools. It is better to invest in cryogenic machines which operate at low temperatures


A good CNC service business depends upon so many things. Computer numerical control machines are a big investment. We have briefly discussed all the significant departments you need to focus on to scale your business

Worthy Hardware provides custom machined parts on order with minimum lead time. We aim to provide high-quality precision metal and plastic parts reasonably. If you are also looking for an economical way to get your custom CNC machined parts manufactured, then Worthy Hardware is the place to go! For rapid prototyping, call us or fill out this form, and our customer representative will get in touch with you.


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