CNC machining motorcycle parts

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CNC machining motorcycle parts

Custom CNC parts are gaining popularity because of their high durability and accuracy. You can choose CNC machining to upgrade and recycle your motorcycle parts and get precise parts with high accuracy and fast production.
You can produce custom motorcycle wheels, engine parts, cylinder heads, camshafts, and motorcycle lights using various CNC machining materials such as aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, etc.

The custom parts are produced with CNC turning and milling processes with an ending surface finish through anodizing, powder coating, electroplating, or polishing for an aesthetic appearance.

Why does CNC Machining Use Motorcycle Parts?

CNC machining is ideal for designing complicated parts such as components and engines of various vehicles, including motorcycles. The CNC machining is applied to the motorcycle parts for the following reasons.

1- Upgraded and stylish appearance:

The motorcycle parts with rough and old appearance look unattractive. Therefore many bikers decide to upgrade them. For this purpose, CNC machining is no doubt an ideal choice. The CNC machining not only upgrades your old-looking motorcycle but also makes it look stylish.

2- Replace damaged bike parts:

The part of your motorcycle may become damaged because of the accident. A damaged part never functions properly. Thus, you may fail to ride on your motorcycle. So, replacing the damaged bike part is the only option left.
If you need to replace damaged bike parts, you must give a chance to CNC machining. It replaces the damaged part with a more specific part with the perfect size and performs similarly.

3- Precision and accuracy:

The motorcycle parts produced by the CNC machining are more precise and accurate. The CNC parts are designed to meet all the required functional requirements.
Moreover, these parts offer high accuracy. As the machining process is computerized control, there is no chance of any error and defect in machining parts. Thus, motorcycle parts show excellent performance.

4- Quick production:

Quick and bulk production is an ideal reason for choosing CNC machining for motorcycle parts. CNC machining produces many parts in less time than other processes as the chances of errors in CNC machining are no or less, so it is guaranteed that the producing part will be functional and have high-quality performance. So, there's no need to reproduce the part. Hence, it is time-saving with a quick production of motorcycle components.

Custom Motorcycle parts produced with CNC machining:

Following are the custom motorcycle parts that you can produce with CNC machining.

Motorcycle wheels:

Wheels are among the most prominent parts of motorcycles. Their perfect design automatically gives the motorcycle an attractive appearance. Wheels can be customized using CNC machining. The disc of the wheel is the main focus when it is customized. It is designed with a perfect machining metal such as aluminum using milling operations. These customized wheels are more durable than wheels produced by other processes.

Engine parts:

The working of the motorcycle is directly affected by its engine. If the engine doesn't function properly, you may even fail to start your motorcycle. Therefore you can customize engine parts with CNC machining. These engine parts work unstoppably, increasing the overall performance of your motorcycle.

Cylinder head:

The cylinder head is the part that regulates the fuel mixture with air, thus controlling the combustion of fuel. Its irregular functioning can only lead to loss. You can get custom cylinder heads with CNC machining. The performance of custom cylinder heads is far more accurate than other ones.


Camshafts are parts that work by controlling the engine cycle in motorcycles. As the shaft revolves, the engine opens exhaust valves and fuel intake. The custom camshafts are highly precise CNC-turned parts that properly handle the engine cycle.

Motorcycle lights:

Lights are the most important parts as they provide light during bike riding. They mostly comprise an outer cover, an internal lens, and a bulb. You can customize the lens and cover to get a perfect light. CNC milling operations give a perfect shiny appearance to the metallic lens. Similarly, the outer plastic cover is designed in a proper shape. Custom motorcycle lights give a brighter light during riding.

The material used for custom motorcycle parts:

The following materials are commonly used for custom motorcycle parts:

Stainless steel:

It is a perfect CNC material because of its perfect welding and machinability properties. It is also corrosion-resistant, thus making the parts more durable.


Zinc is an ideal metal for custom motorcycle parts because of its higher strength. Higher strength prevents the parts from breakage and deformation.


Aluminum is a lightweight metal widely used for custom motorcycle parts due to its high machinability and strength.

Machining processes for motorcycle parts:

Here are the two main machining processes for motorcycle parts.

CNC Turning:

It is a subtractive manufacturing process that involves the creation of a finished piece through the removal of material by a machine tool. When a machine tool is fed into the material, the material starts rotating, and the material is removed.

CNC Milling:

CNC milling is a manufacturing process in which the material is removed from the workpiece using rotary cutters.

Surface finishes for motorcycle parts:

After production, the motorcycle parts are subjected to post-processing operations to increase durability and chemical and corrosion resistance. Moreover, it also gives an endless beautiful appearance to the part's surface. The most common surface finishes for motorcycle parts are as follow:


Anodizing is a process in which a metal is coated on the surface of another metal. It is usually done to increase the durability and mechanical resistance of the coated part.

Powder Coating:

In this method, free-flowing, dry powders are applied on the surface of a metal to give it a durable coating. It increases the mechanical and corrosion properties.


Electroplating is an electrolytic process that produces a non-corrosive, thin film on a metal's surface. It improves chemical and mechanical resistance and makes the part more durable.


It is a process of adding chemicals to the surface of machined parts to make the part's surface more shiny and smooth.

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