What is the mold tapping machine?

cnc machining services

cnc machining services

In the CNC parts stamping processing, the need to quickly screw hole processing, is the advanced metal parts screw hole molding process, that is, the need for die inside tapping machine, it is also called die inside tapping machine, and metal continuous mold with.It is the most advanced screw hole molding technology for hardware parts at present, breaking the traditional processing method, its core is the traditional "stamping" and "tapping" technology "integration" together in the mold directly forming.Due to the effective to avoid the second operation (stamping, tapping), so the production efficiency is greatly improved, especially suitable for continuous die, progressive die, precision die.

In fact, in foreign countries, the mold attack tooth machine in the late 1970s on the development of production, such as France, Germany, Italy has a product. At the beginning of this century, with the rapid development of the die industry, the domestic die attack tooth technology level has been rapidly improved. Especially in the field of automobile and electronic parts.And the mold forming production has high precision, high complexity, high uniformity and high efficiency and other processing methods can not be compared with the advantages.

Die inside tapping technology truly realizes "no chip processing", because tap is used in the extrusion tap, so the thread molding process will not produce because of cutting chip, so clean environmental protection, and the strength of the thread has been very good to improve.Its working principle is: the tapping machine screw nut is driven by the up and down movement of the punch gear combination, the gear set through the precise transmission ratio output standard torque, drive the tap to do rotation movement to complete the tapping operation.

What are the advantages of using die - tapping machine?

1) Reduce working procedures and improve production efficiency.

Die tapping machine will be required tapping parts stamping and tapping action integrated, directly in the punching machine and stamping synchronization, using die tapping machine can save working time, high precision, short time, improve production efficiency.

2) High precision thread forming.

The tapping efficiency and precision of the tap can be improved by using the die internal tapping machine.

3) Save resources.

Die tapping machine will be part of the tapping and stamping combined as a process, fully automated, to save labor costs.And die tapping machine completely rely on mechanical transmission, saving the special used for tapping machine energy.

4) Reduce the defective rate and cost.

The precise positioning of the mold internal tapping machine can reduce the damage probability of the tap, and reduce the probability of producing waste products due to feeding error, and reduce the probability of producing products due to feeding error, and reduce the quantity of products in storage during the processing, thus saving the cost.

5) Easy to install and replace.

Die tapping machine is designed to be durable, small in size, easy to be installed in different molds;Tapping head can be changed to different specifications.

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