Is Metal Stamping Process safe?

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cnc parts

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process that employs a specialized press, as well as tool and die set, to form sheet metal into a specified shape and size. Industry professionals employ metal stamping processes to produce a wide range of industrial parts and products. However this process needs more caution in the production.

In fact, metal stamping is not as dangerous as it is in the phenomenon, but any incident of punching injury occurs for a reason. On the one hand, it is the reason for the precision stamping manufactures, and on the other hand the reason for the operation of the workers. As long as both are done well, stamping is still very safe. Today, through our more than ten years of stamping experience, we will analyze how to eliminate the danger of stamping for those who plan to engage in stamping work.

7 tips that metal stamping manufacture should pay attention.


In fact, stamping can be viewed in the same way as logistics. The boss provides a car for the driver to drive. At the very least, he must provide the driver with a fully qualified car. The same is true for stamping. When a factory operates a punching machine, how can even the punching machine not be fully qualified, and where should safety start? There are mainly the following requirements for equipment:


1. The punch runs well lk

A good punch is the foundation of safe production. The lubrication of the punch must be normal; the copper bushes must not be excessively worn; the tightness of the brake must be within a normal range; the clutch and control system are flexible; the bolts of each part must not be loose;


2. Install safety grating

After the safety grating is installed, if the stamper's hand or other items that affect safety enter the dangerous area, the punch will be stopped in an emergency; in the shutdown state, the punch cannot be started.


3. Reasonable switch design

It is necessary to design two start switches and an emergency stop switch, and the two start switches must be a certain distance apart, as long as the stamper presses the two start switches at the same time to start the machine; the emergency stop switch cannot be too far away from the stamper. Otherwise, when a situation arises, the worker cannot stop the punch immediately.


4. Reasonable design of stamping die

If the punch is the first element of safe production, then the stamping die is the second element. The production of stamping parts relies on stamping dies, so the reasonable design of stamping dies plays a vital role in safety.


Whether it is convenient to discharge and return the material smoothly all affect the safety of the factory during operation. When designing the mold, it must be possible to ensure that the factory can easily use tools to discharge and unload.


5. Safety tools must be used

During the stamping process, it is absolutely forbidden to let the hand enter the working area of ​​the mold, which requires the use of safety tools to complete the work of unloading and unloading. The safety tools that are often used now are magnet type, suction cup type and tweezers.


6. Reasonable noise reduction measures

Under the influence of the noise of the punching press for a long time, the concentration and mental state of the factory will continue to decline. Reasonable noise reduction measures can not only ensure the mental state of the stamping workers, but also be responsible for the health of the workers!


7. Establish a safety management system and punch operation manual

Stamping factories must carry out safety training for stamping workers from time to time, so that the concept of safe production can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Help stampers to establish safe operating habits

6 tips that for precision metal stamping workers

1. Maintain a good mental state

When operating the punch, you must maintain a good mental state, and you must not operate the punch when the mental state is not good. If you have any concerns, you must ask the factory for leave or transfer to another position.


2. Ensure concentration

In the process of work, you can't talk to others, let alone look at your cell phone or make calls. Nor can they engage in anything that has nothing to do with operating the punch.


3. Calm attitude

When the material is not discharged smoothly or the product is stuck in the mold, you must calmly stop the machine and do not rush.


4. It is strictly forbidden to enter the work area by hand

Ninety percent of accidents involving punching machines are caused by workers entering the work area with their hands. Under no circumstances should their hands enter the work area. This is the first guarantee of safety for stamping workers! Manual safety tools must be used!


5. Dress reasonably

Wearing work clothes, the neckline and cuffs must have a certain degree of tightness. For female workers, those with long hair should wear a work cap and press the hair into the cap. Can't operate the punch in a skirt.


6. Learn company safety regulations and operation manuals

Frequently learn the safety production standard system formulated by the company and establish safety production awareness.


Metal stamping processing is actually quite safe as long as it is operated properly.

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