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Parts processing can be roughly divided into material removal processing, deformation processing, additional processing and so on. In all kinds of processing, there is a deviation from the required shape and size, and the extra points derived from the processed parts are burrs. Some are caused by plastic deformation during the cutting process; some are flash from casting and die forging, and some are leftovers from welding and extrusion. With the improvement of industrialization and automation, in the field of mechanical processing, especially in the fields of aviation, aerospace, and instrumentation, the requirements for the manufacturing precision of mechanical parts and the miniaturization of mechanical design are increased. The hazards of burrs are particularly obvious, which gradually arouses people’s concerns. General attention and began to study the generation mechanism and removal methods of burrs.

I. How to deburr is an important process, as a CNC machining services, CNC milling services and CNC turning services, through more than 20 years of wind and rain, in this aspect to summarize several methods to burr. One of the major causes of workpiece burr is the cutting tool. The following three points should be noted:

1.     Choose the right cutter. Generally speaking, stick to the principle of "special parts and special knives”. A tool made of whatever material is used for processing.

2.     It is very important to have a small R Angle of the cutting edge. Second, the edge should be sharp, blunt blade is easy to burr. In addition, the processing center speed as fast as possible.

3.     Design the processing route in advance according to the general shape and characteristics of the workpiece. Forward or reverse milling depends on the direction of the workpiece opening, but our machine tool master experience: the rotation of the reverse milling tool vibration will be small, relatively less burr.


II.          The above is the basic operation steps to reduce the burr of workpiece, but the workpiece still has burr how to do? This requires post-processing, which can be roughly divided into the following categories:


1.     human power deburring

      This method is also commonly used by general processing and manufacturing companies. The cost of deburring is reduced. The tools used are also relatively common and convenient to purchase sandpaper, file, grinding head and grinding wheel can all be used as auxiliary props. However, the manual efficiency is reduced, and the operation cannot be unified in large quantities. And complex structure of the workpiece is difficult to remove. It can be used for products with small burr and simple product structure.

2.     with the help of professional equipment deburring

      You can use some professional deburring equipment, such as nylon brush, small power tools, deburring chamfering compound machine, cooling machine, heat machine, engraving machine, etc. With the help of professional equipment can deburring, chamfering, surface drawing, metal surface treatment. But processing cost is high, cost is big. The deburring compound machine needs to be imported, and the cooling machine and thermal power motor are more than one million, mainly used in some high-precision parts, such as automotive aerospace and other precision parts. Although these "ungrounded" equipment is good, but the average enterprise cannot afford. Engraving machine price is relatively cheap, can be applied to the simple space structure, burr position rules of the workpiece, the price is often tens of thousands of dollars.

3.     Physical and chemical deburring

      Die, grinding, high pressure water injection, ultrasonic, electrochemical reaction, electrolysis are all methods to deburring. You can choose according to specific requirements. This method is not expensive and is widely used.

4.     UG programming to deburr


I.          Using numerical control technology to deburr can be said to have the lowest cost and the highest operability. It is also the deburring method recommended by Chenghai machine tool. The specific steps are as follows:

1.     Design the shape of the processed parts according to the processing requirements.

2.     Use UG software to draw a 3D diagram according to the design requirements. It should be noted that the edges of the 3D diagram should be consistent with the edges of the parts required by the design.

3.     This step is very important, and subsequent operations require the relevant data in this step. Enter UG plane contour module and select the edge to be pricked in the column of "Specify part boundary”. Select the upper side of the edge of the 3D image to be pierced in the "Specified underside" column; In the "tool" bar, input the line value D1 of the arc midpoints on both sides of the reverse R milling cutter into the tool diameter, and make the tool trajectory compiling by the edge of the THREE-DIMENSIONAL graph. The tool trajectory coordinate system should be consistent with the actual machining coordinate system of the machine tool.

4.     Carry out post-processing through UG software and convert the tool track calculated in the previous step into recognizable program code of the machining center.

5.     Select the reverse R milling cutter, the diameter of the cutter is D, the arc of the reverse R is R, set the cutter at D1 position in Step 3, and input the length of the set cutter into the machine tool.

6.     The coordinate system of tooling and parts placed on the machine tool shall be consistent with the coordinate system of UG tool rail described in step 3. The machining center shall process with the identifiable program code described in step 4 and the reverse R milling cutter obtained in step 5.

7.     Polishing, using sandpaper, lightly toss the edges of the parts described in Step.


Although the burr looks small, it also affects the quality of the workpiece and even the acceptance rate of the order. Handling burr also needs excelsior, this is inevitable requirement.


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