How to Fight with The Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia?

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The year of 2020 is not really good for the world.The fire of Australia,the gone of Kobe Bean Bryant, the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia(short for NCP)in China...What’s wrong for 2020?

Worthy Hardware ,as the professional vendor for the cnc parts, cnc service ,cnc aluminum parts,cnc machined parts,was planed to start to work on 1st Feb 2020.Because of the NCP, we were delayed to 10th Feb 2020.Now the situation is not smooth for China at this stage. It is said that the NCP will be overcome at the beginning of April.Then for us, how to avoid the NCP?


1. How to do disinfection work at home?

Alcohol: Alcohol can denature and coagulate the protein of bacteria. Disinfect the skin with 75% medical alcohol.

Air cleaning: To keep indoor air clean, regular ventilation is necessary, especially in autumn and winter. Don't neglect ventilation due to cold.

Disinfection solution: chlorine-containing disinfection solution can effectively disinfect and sterilize. It can be disinfected and sterilized after being directly diluted in a plastic pot, but care must be taken to avoid food and tableware. Suitable for tables, chairs, beds, walls, floors, etc.

2. How to disinfect new coronavirus?

The new coronavirus can kill the virus in 30 minutes at 56 ℃. Chlorine-containing disinfectants, alcohol, iodine, peroxides and other disinfectants can also kill the virus.

3. The virus can be killed in 3.5 minutes at 3.56 ℃ or more. How long does it take at 100 ℃?

The new coronavirus is afraid of heat. It can kill the virus in 30 minutes at 56℃; chlorine-containing disinfectants, alcohol, iodine, peroxides and other disinfectants can also kill the virus. Heat-resistant articles can be sterilized by boiling (100℃) for 15 minutes.

4. 84 Is disinfection water suitable for use?

Can use. The new coronavirus is afraid of heat. It can kill the virus in 30 minutes at 56 ℃; chlorine-containing disinfectants, alcohol, iodine, peroxides and other disinfectants can also kill the virus.

5. Are all disinfectants useful? Can hydrogen peroxide be used in proportion?

Authoritative database UPTODATE states that several bactericidal / sanitizing solutions commonly used in hospitals and homes, including p-chloroxylenol, benzalkonium chloride, and cetrimonium bromide / chlorine have been shown to be ineffective against coronavirus.

Hydrogen peroxide is useful. Commercial hydrogen peroxide has a variety of concentrations, generally 3% for medical use. High-concentration hydrogen peroxide can seriously damage the skin, so be careful not to let too high concentration of hydrogen peroxide contact the skin.

6. Is it necessary to sterilize keys, mobile phones, outer clothing, etc.?

The new type of coronavirus pneumonia can be transmitted through contact. After touching the infected items with your hands, the mucous membranes such as the nose and mouth may enter the body. Disinfecting the keys, mobile phones, and outer clothing can reduce the infection of the new coronavirus pneumonia.

7. Can bathing or sweating help kill the virus?

The virus will die in 30 minutes at 56 ° C. Generally taking a bath or sweating can not reach this temperature and duration, but taking a bath regularly reduces the risk of infection.

8. Can the new coronavirus survive the human body? How long does it survive on foreign objects?

The virus survives in the air at different temperatures and humidity. The virus is afraid of heat. The higher the temperature, the shorter the virus will survive. The virus is sensitive to dryness, sunlight, ultraviolet light, and even air quality, so the new coronavirus will not survive long outside.

Simply put, for a dry environment, the new coronavirus is expected to be non-infectious for more than 5 minutes.

9. How far is the virus spread? How much distance is recommended to keep away from others?

The new coronavirus can be transmitted through droplets, which can enter the mucosal surface of susceptible people within 1 to 2 meters. Therefore, it is best to keep a distance of 2 meters in addition to wearing a mask when contacting suspicious persons.

10. What should I do for maternity check-up and delivery at home?

For pregnant women, they can go to the hospital for a birth checkup. However, the hospital is a densely populated place, and you need to take protective measures. You can choose disposable surgical masks or N95 masks. After the hospital's check-up is completed, do not stay outside. After you get home, discard the masks used in the hospital correctly. Wash your hands with soap and flowing water. More than seconds.

If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, or chest tightness, inform the obstetrician in time, and go to the hot clinic on the advice of the doctor.

11. Epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia, how should we eat it?

Do not eat animals and their products that are already sick, buy chilled poultry from regular sources, and fully cook poultry, eggs, and milk;

Separate cutting boards and props for raw and cooked food. Wash hands between raw and cooked food.

12. If there is a virus carrier on the previous trip, is there a risk of infection for the next passenger?

One of the close contacts of the new coronavirus pneumonia is to take the same transportation and have close contact, that is to say, there is a virus carrier on the previous trip in public transportation, and the risk of infection on the next flight is extremely low.

13. How to ventilate the home when the weather is cold?

When the weather is cold, the doors and windows of the home are closed for a long time, and activities such as personnel activities, cooking, etc., will cause the indoor environmental pollution concentration to gradually increase. Therefore, windows should be properly opened for ventilation.

At present, there are no explicit regulations on ventilation at home and abroad. Therefore, it is recommended that ventilation should be based on indoor and outdoor environmental conditions. When the outdoor air quality is good, you can ventilate in the morning, middle, and night, each time is 15-30 minutes. When the outdoor air quality is poor, the frequency and time of ventilation should be appropriately reduced.

14. New crown pneumonia is epidemic, do you still need to exercise?

Follow three principles: exercise comprehensively, step by step, and perseverance.

Comprehensive training refers to the fact that all parts and systems of the body are exercised as much as possible, and the second is to expand the exercise programs and forms as much as possible in order to develop various physical qualities.

Since the  Novel coronavirus pneumonia happened in Wuhan,Hubei,China established the hospital in 2 weeks, and the situation is well controlled.

Worthy Hardware had started to work on 12th Feb 2020.So the delivery time for all the cnc milling parts,custom cnc machining parts,aluminum cnc turning parts will be shipped in well condition.

We believe everything will be well very soon, Come on China!Come on Wuhan!Fighting with the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia we are together!

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