How to develop overseas customers?

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To succeed in global business, companies need to simplify their approach to export operations while unifying their international sales and marketing efforts. You can't run a successful import/export business unless you have customers, but where do you find them? Whatever you sell, it is easier than you think. Lets take a look at below ways to find how to develop overseas customers.


B2B (business to business)  refers to a situation where one business makes a commercial transaction with another.If you are unfamiliar with it.Have you heard of Alibaba, Globalsource, which are very famous B2B platforms. The sellers could register one account, then consider it as its store. You could decorate it, and then sell the goods to others.


2.Search Engine

Here’s the market share worldwide for search engines…


SNS (Social Networking Site) is more and more popular in the develop customers stage. Below are the top SNS.


Except the above methods, there are many other methods, such as yellow pages, custom data. Each method could help us source the right buyers.



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