A business trip to USA

cnc machining trip

On 8th-14th,Nov.2017, our company organizes a business trip to USA. The trip is very successful. We would like to share the details with you.

On 8th Nov 2017, we flew from Guangzhou, after 12 hours long journey, we arrived at Los Angeles safely on 7th local time. The city was brilliantly illuminated throughout the night and the night sense is very beautiful.


On 9th, Nov we flew from LA to Texas, started to visit our first customer. Our customer is very popular in their field. The owner is too smart and talent, all the products they made is patent. so they have a lot of distributors in the world, The wife of the owner is very nice and grace. She accompanied with us to visit their workshop and explained the assembly line. Meanwhile gave us a lot of suggestions on how to improve the operation effectiveness and increase production capacity on the CNC Machining parts.

Overall, our customer rates our quality and services high! In the end, we were invited to taste the wonderful Mexican food! Thank you so much for everything done for us! Looking forward the more and more cooperation in 2018!

After that we flew to Kansas City, KS on 10th Nov. The weather is much colder than Texas. We have to wear more thicker clothes. This is a new customer for us. They are making the products used in the HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Condition). We discussed the cooperation details, including the payment terms, production time, MOQ We will try our best to win some cooperation chances in the near future.

Our third customer is in St. Louis. MO which is near to KS, then we decided to go there by train. In the lobby of the railway station, there is a very big Christmas tree, people are full of passion. Also, it was the Veterans Day on 11th Nov, we saw many students celebrate it with their parents.

After a 5 hour trip, we arrived at St. Louis, MO.We saw the arch bridge at the first glance, a very tall building. Unfortunately, due the tight schedule, we have no time to visit it. This customer is making the CNC machining parts, same products with us. They have a very long history in this field, and have many machines. The CEO, Mr Michael, is very nice. We visited their work plant and were astounded by their high working efficiency in precision turning parts. And then we got some new samples for quotation, hoping there will be more parts to make in the coming year.

Our last customer is located in LA, so, we have to fly back from MO. The traffic in LA is heavier than the above places that we visited before. However the weather is much warmer. We have done business with our customer for more than 5 years. The cooperation is very smooth. We were received warmly. The engineer explained how to assemble the parts and how to inspect the parts. The president gave us a very high judgement for our services and quality.

USA is a very beautiful country, people in here are very enthusiastic. Thank you so much for the supporting for us. We wish there will be more cooperation in 2018!


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