What is Black Oxided?

Black oxide (blackening) is a conversion coating that is used for appearance and to add mild corrosion resistance and minimize light reflection.The principle is to produce a layer of oxide film on the metal surface to isolate the air and achieve the purpose of rust prevention. It is used for ferrous materials, zinc, copper and its alloys, silver solder and powdered metals. Black oxide is impregnated using oil and wax to achieve maximum corrosion resistance. It also provides a deep black color when used with proper post dips.


Benefits of black oxided

The metal parts don’t rust or corrode as easily as other materials. Their wax coatings make them resistant to water which is the main source of rust. Also, this wax coating allows the cleaning process to be much quicker. Since you don’t have to worry about harmful substances reaching the metal core due to the wax, you don’t have to spend as much time cleaning the item. Black oxide coating also gives your tools a sharper edge which won’t dull over time. This provides more accuracy and reliability with your product.


Black oxided projects

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