The Annual Forecast at Worthy Hardware Company

2018 is here, and at Worthy Hardware company, our team is eager to hit the ground running for our customers in the new year. We are starting off strong with all of the enhancements that were implemented in 2017 in place.

Today, we have the benefit of a larger space for our cnc machining, metal stamping and assembly departments. Other areas of improvement included a new and fresh website.

As we dive further into 2018, we are eager to expand our sales turnover.

New plans for this year include a dedicated amount of training to both personal and consumer-relationship development. The clients/employee combination is a key ingredient for top internal and external development. Meanwhile we will improve our managing power installation.

At Worthy Hardware Company, we stand behind our vision to improve and protect our world by practicing strong values such as quality, integrity, teamwork, innovation, commitment, respect, and compassion to our loyal team workers and customers. Our perpetual mission is excellence in service, workmanship, and safety for employees and customers alike. We will continue to apply these standards and look forward to bringing that collaboration with all of the projects we face this year.

Our objective includes business planning for future endeavors to prepare for our next chapter of growth. Our goal is to keep adding capacity in combination with customer demand. It is our effort to find new and innovative ways to improve our company and employees for the benefit of our clientele.

We would like to thank our customer base for continuing forward with us in the turn of the year. We hope that everyone had a healthy, happy life, and we look forward to working with you on your next project!

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