4 Tips For Reducing Your CNC Machining Cost

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As a CNC machining company, reducing the CNC machining cost is the things we are always thinking. To manage your CNC machining costs, it is important to understand what increases part cost so you can consider these factors in the design stages. There are four main considerations to keep in mind to help reduce CNC costs:

1. Material

Obviously, softer materials are easier to machine than harder ones. Be sure to carefully consider the strength requirements of your product so that you do not needlessly choose a material that is harder than necessary — it will require more machining passes, different tooling, and a host of other resource and cost expenditures that you can save on. Also, be sure to consider building strength considerations into your design (as with, for instance, thicker walls on a part) rather than relying on the qualities of the material — that solution will often be the less expensive one.

2. Machining Time

The important aspect of cost savings to consider is the actual time it takes to machine your part. For the most part, this is dictated by the two things you’ve already taken into consideration: material and part design. We have talked the material on the above; now let’s focus on the part design. Certain design changes can be made to reduce required machining, as long as they do not impact the functioning of the part. For example, looser tolerances may be permissible, or hole depths may not need to be as deep as they are, or the smaller the radius, the smaller the end mill required to create it, or thin walls require extra care.

3. Ordered quantity

Many parts require multiple operations and steps to completion, sometimes very many. If you are making multiples of the same part, the same CAM programming and fixturing can be used over and over, or multiple parts can be cut at once from the same stock piece.

4. Outsource the Job

Manufacturing your parts in house could be consuming too much of your time, energy, and resources. Machine ownership is costly, especially when you factor in maintenance and repair expenses. When you partner with the right company, outsourcing your precision machining means you will benefit from the latest technology, and knowing that your parts machining is done by dedicated specialists.

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