3 Ways for influence of tolerance on cnc machining

precision machining

precision machining

Generally speaking, machining drawings will be dimensioned according to the machining method and assembly precision requirements to select the appropriate IT tolerance level. Tolerances means the acceptable range of dimensions and are determined by the engineer according to the shape, fit and function of the part which represents the manufacturing precision requirements of parts and reflects the degree of machining difficulty. So, what is the influence of tolerance on cnc machining?



When tolerance requirements are very tight, it is important to determine which material to use for machining. Aluminum is relatively soft compared to steel and alloy materials, which is not easy to control for tight tolerances. Similarly, nylon and POM materials are also difficult to control tight tolerances compared to metals.


2.Manufacturing technique

Tight tolerances require the production department to continuously debug the machine and test the production process during the production process. For example, a simple drilling hole should be converted to CNC milling as it was more stringent than standard tolerances.



The more elaborate a product is, the more effort it needs to be invested. Trial and error cost, labor cost and time cost will all increase due to tight tolerance. However, as a professional CNC machining shop, we have no fear of clients' tight tolerance requirements for products.We hope to show our professionalism and quality under such circumstances.

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