3 Tips For Choosing the Right Material For CNC Part

Choosing the right material can affect the function and cost of a component. In previous articles, we shared the The Latest Material Trends for CNC Machining in 2019. Here are some tips of  consider for choosing the material.



The use of parts is one of the determining factors. Products used as offshore equipment should be protected against corrosion. Parts used for daily rinsing require rust protection, such as stainless steel. Products used in aerospace equipment have special requirements for materials.



If there is a requirement for weight, Standard aluminum alloys like 6061 are good low density options.

Tensile strength, material hardness and wear resistance also regard as the references of choosing materials.



The feasibility and overall cost of the project are also closely related to the material. The more materials you use, the higher the cost. For example, special materials and sturdy materials.


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